Saturday, September 5, 2015

10 Month Old Waugh-Nuts

10 Month Old Waugh-Nuts

Where is the time going! Ugh, it is all going too quickly. I looked back through some of their baby pictures, and it is hard to imagine they were so little. And now sad to know that they are so big! 

The babies are thriving, and this month brought on many new milestones. They are all majorly on the move now and keeping us on our toes. Their little personalities are coming out more and more, but they are so much of who we pegged them for when they were in the NICU! It is really quite funny how they have kept most of the same traits. We are also starting to give them some more "solid" foods like banana pieces, cut up avocado, peas, and other soft foods. So far, they are a little iffy, but Mr. Owen (who is the hardest to get to drink his bottles and struggles to gain enough weight) LOVES the food the most! He seriously slams it. I can already see how expensive this is going to get... and quick! 

Aleah is SUCH a good entertainer. They love her.

Of course, Millie is still her favorite.

They love baths in the sink!

The babies have had a bit of a sleep regression this month, but I am hopeful that we are coming out of it. Everyone except for Millie has been waking multiple times in the night and needing more than just a binki. Owen still needs fed in the night, so that is a given, but Jackson was waking and just screaming unless you rocked him. I think a lot of the reason for this is because they are all teething so much. They all have teeth through now, and I can only imagine how painful that is for them. BUT daddy and mommy are so tired! The past couple of days have been a bit better, so I am hoping we are close to the end of that little stage. It seems like all we do around here is go through little phases, and I am ready for this one to be over!

This month, we spent some more time down at the Ohio River with Chris' family. It is always fun when we get the chance to go down there so they get to spend some time with the babies. Aleah always comes with us, too, and she is getting fearless with swimming, tubing, rope swings, jet skis, etc. She is becoming a regular river rat! It is no easy feat to get us all there, but we are glad to go and glad they are all so accommodating and willing to help =)

Prime eating set up (with a view!) at the river.

In other big news, we are in contract on a new house! We are so excited. We are scheduled to close September 30. Good news is, it is close to where we are currently living and close to my family. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition for both us and the babies. It truly was "meant to be" because my mom and I stumbled across the house when we were out on a walk with the babies. It just happened to be put on the market the night before, and I just happened to be off work that day. My dad came straight over so we could look at it, and we were in contract (without Chris even looking at the house) about 3 hours later! Everyone said the others weren't meant to be, and now I am glad!

They have discovered the tent.

And also how to destroy it.

They love banging on pots and pans in the kitchen.

They do actually love each other.

And steal each others binkis

They were talking to each other through the door.

Mean mug

They love their new water table from Nina!

I have spent most of my extra time (haha what extra time) this month trying to get some of the baby supplies and clothes that we have outgrown sorted and ready to sell. We do not want to take them with us, that is for sure! It is such a task. I have 10 BIG tubs FULL of clothes that we have outgrown already. It is complete insanity. I have also been spending some time getting everything ready for the big first birthday party and first birthday pictures! I cannot believe how close it is getting. It is so sad! Don't mind me if I am a big ball of tears that day. Stay little, stay little, stay little.

Jackson finally got his first tooth! I swear he was working on it for about a month. About a week later, he got his second. So now two teeth total. Hopefully he gets a small break, because he was miserable! Poor guy has been very needy this month and wants to be held a lot which is hard when there are three other little people to contend with. He is getting better and better at standing and getting around. He pulls up, crawls (FAST) everywhere, makes quick escapes, lets go of whatever he is holding on to when he is standing up, and is all together 100% craziness. He loves to torture my mom's plants and pull all of the leaves off. He would also eat them if you let him! He also loves to hoard all of the binkis. It is not unusual to find him with one in his mouth and carrying the other three in his hands while he crawls around. He will even go up and steal one right out of the other's mouth! Jackson is a bit rougher than the other babies. I think it is mostly because he is bigger and definitely more muscular. He is getting a little bit better about it, but the other babies are definitely still tortured by him some. Poor kiddos! Jackson is OBSESSED with "big people food." He wants a taste of whatever it is that you are eating. In fact he would prefer you just gave it all to him. He is a stinker!

Baby Yoga!

Looks like Jackson likes m&ms as much as his momma....

Look mom, I am in a tent!

That one time Jackson got in to the blueberries....

Jackson LOVES the new water table!

Mr. Owen just got his first tooth! It is just peeking through, and he is so proud. He is moving his mouth and tongue all around trying to figure out what is going on in there. Owen has gotten so much stronger over the last month. He pulls up, crawls super fast, and lets go while standing. He is much more sturdy that he was even a couple of weeks ago. He is so so curious. He will explore anything, and he just studies things to try to figure them out. He can also climb up a step (GASP), so you have to keep a really close eye on him. He also will hang from the gate- he grabs on to the top and hangs with his legs dangling!!! What in the world. Little monkey boy. Owen seems like he is growing pretty well and gaining more weight, but he is still a skinny little bean. He does LOVE the new solid food, though, so I am hoping that he will gain some extra weight in no time. Owen is usually pretty content exploring, but he also loves to climb all over you. Often we find that the toy they like best is the human jungle gym =) Owen still has the cutest little lips and he smiles constantly with his cute little dimple. He is always the most photogenic. He does have a little temper, though, and he is not afraid to let you know when he wants something.

Don't mind the massive bump on his noggin.

He got ahold of Aleah's hair. Death grip!

Look mom, I can climb the slide! Turkey.

Typical mean muggin from Owen.

Dylan just got his first tooth yesterday!! No wonder he has been acting so crazy. Dylan is still the most content if you come to him, but he is starting to get around more! He does 360s on his belly so quick which is hilarious. He also just started pulling up this week. He has always wanted to be standing up all of the time, but now he can finally get himself up there. I blame it on his chunky legs haha. Dylan is our model baby. He is always striking a pose, and he has the most beautiful skin tone! So jealous. His hair is getting much longer, which just means more curls on top of his head. He has the curliest hair of the bunch. We recently noticed that Dylan looks the most like my baby pictures. Finally someone that looks like momma! Dylan loves to jump. He also loves to bounce his legs off of his mattress in his crib. He just cackles and cackles (sometimes in the middle of the night!). He also does a little fish face/wide eye face ALL THE TIME (see pictures below). It is so funny! Of course we laugh at him and he does it again. Dylan went through a period this month where he refused to bend his body to sit down, but thankfully he is getting over that! Dill Picks still loves his food, but he is not as big of a fan of the solids as I thought he would be. Time will tell!

Model Baby

The face!!!

Little Miss Millie. Well she has had her bottom two teeth for months, but now she is working on her top ones. So far, nothing has broken through, but she rarely lets us get our fingers in there to feel. She is such a diva- she pushes our hand away, and, if you do get your finger in there, she will clamp down on you with those little razor teeth of hers!!! They are SO sharp. Millie can pull up and crawl all over. She crawls so funny with her feet. One is normal and she crawls on her knee, and the other one she likes to push with her foot. I think it makes her go faster. Millie has the cutest smile. She smiles with her whole face and really crinkles up her nose. She has been a bit of a Momma's girl this month, and she definitely has the most stranger danger of the bunch. Millie is crazy! She does these little growling noises and she loves to bounce around all of the time. She also goes bonkers and loses her mind if you put her in something that allows her to bounce or jump. Millie would gladly just take a sippy cup of water over her food these days. She still has to eat, but she LOVES to drink the water, and she is so proud of herself for doing it. 

You can really see her teeth here (even though she is crying)

Girlfriend has a crazy tongue. If you stick yours out, she will stick hers out. It is so long.

Thank you all so much for following long. Won't be long until we have a first birthday post (WAH!). Hope you enjoyed the kiddos as much as we do =)