Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This Month at the Crazy House

We have 16 month olds! They are changing so much. Not only are they looking so much different, but they are changing so much week to week. They are learning tons, and it seems like every day they are learning multiple new tricks.

Last month was ROUGH. The kids got the stomach bug that has been going around. Chris actually had it first, but he had been over it for over a week before the kids got it. After the kids had it, Chris and I both ended up getting it (again). You would not believe how much laundry we did. Before the kids had the stomach bug, they had a cold. What made it even worse was that they got the bug right when we were in the middle of transitioning from formula to milk. The milk was making them more sick, so we had to go back to strictly formula. We are just not re-introducing milk. So far, so good! 
We attended a very special 95th Birthday Party for Granddad last month. The kids got to meet lots of new people. They also were able to manage sneaking lots of bits of cake and cookies from everyone there. Owen was 100% obsessed with the sweets which was hilarious because he used to get sick every time he had something sweet! Stinker.

We also had our first quad play date last month. The kids played with some quads that are just about one year older than them. It was so interesting seeing a glimpse into our life one year from now! We can't wait to get back together with our friends! We have spent a lot more time outside as the weather is getting nicer. It is so nice to be able to break up the day by going outside, going for walks, or going to the park. The kids LOVE it!! We are getting ready to put a fence up in the backyard to help contain the craziness. The kids' are obsessed with our back neighbors' patio set and pretty much anything else that they shouldn't be getting into. When we go to the park, we have to work hard to keep them from eating the mulch. They also love to run in 4 separate directions. Such stinkers!!! And ganging up on us already.

There have been lots of changes this month. The kids went from two naps to one nap last week. So far, they are doing great. Another big change was taking away their morning bottle. Instead, we give them a squeezy with applesauce when they get up in the morning. I tried smoothies, but they kept giving themselves brain freezes!!! We also took away all bottles before naps. They have been taking a (roughly) 2 hour nap in the mid-afternoon. The nap is exclusively in their cribs in their bedroom with everyone together. They have done so great with that. They are now starting to wake up from their naps and talk to each other which is what I was hoping they would do. It really is amazing how quickly they adapt to huge changes like the ones we have thrown their way this month.

We have been trying to do some fun activities with the kiddos. We have tried some non-messy painting, and we brought some snow inside for the kids to play with. It is so hard to do these sort of things x4!!! I wish we could do more. There are two problems: (1) the mess and (2) they put everything in their mouths. Hopefully once they stop putting everything in their mouths we can do some more. We also did haircuts for the boys again. Their hair grows so fast!! We went to Cut N Buzz, and the experience was great.

We are gearing up for the March of Dimes March for Babies walk on May 1 in Columbus. Will you join us by either joining our team or supporting our team? You can donate to our walk HERE. Please help us support this organization and all of the research they are doing to learn more about babies that are born too early. Our babies would not be doing as well as they are without the work the March of Dimes has done to support premature babies!
Jackson is one smart little cookie. He knows all of the features of his face- nose, mouth, ears, eyes. He also knows his fat fat belly. If you ask him to point to different people (mommy, daddy, siblings, grandparents), he can point each of them out. Jackson knows when he poops, but he will tell you he didn't so that he doesn't have to get his diaper changed. Jackson is such a helper baby. He is understanding so much of what we are saying. If one of his siblings is crying, he will a lot of times find them a binki to try to help them. He will bring us diapers, wipes, and lots of other items. Jackson is  a rotten little guy. He often tries to run from us when we are trying to gather him up. Jackson has the most teeth at 8; 4 on top and 4 on bottom. We love our little love bug.

Owen our little man is growing up. He is doing SO much  better sleeping. It is like he made a huge change basically overnight. He has had 3 nights in a row where he slept through the night without waking up for a bottle. Can you believe this day has finally come?! He is doing such a great job. Hopefully he can join his siblings back in their room this week instead of being in sleeping time out (in a pack in play in the spare room so he doesn't wake his siblings). When there is a stinky diaper, if we say "Ew, stinky, P-U!" Owen plugs up his nose. It is the cutest thing. Owen is walking so much better. He still crawls, but he is choosing walking over crawling more and more each day. He does best if you don't bug him about it and just let him decide when he wants to walk on his own. Owen is not a huge fan of the grass outside! Poor guy hates the feeling. Hopefully over the next couple weeks he will get used to it! Owen has 6 teeth; 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.

Dylan is running EVERYWHERE. He is so strong. He is actually already starting to walk down the steps standing up like a normal adult. It is so amazing! His gross motor skills are great. Dylan loves to talk jibberish. He blows kisses, laughs like crazy, and eats so much! Dylan loves to just run and dive on you when you are sitting on the floor. He dives at you like it is no big thing with full force. Dylan has 7 teeth; 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. Dylan is really obsessed with walking backwards right now. He thinks it is hilarious! Last week, he fell asleep at the quad table while he was eating. That was a first for the kids, and it was absolutely so funny. Dylan loves to cuddle, and he loves to read books. Dylan loves being outside the most. He wants to explore everything that is out there. If we so much as open the door, he thinks he is going outside (and gets really mad if he doesn't get to). Dylan can throw the biggest fits! He throws himself backwards and goes limp screaming and kicking. It is adorable =)

Millie has been having some major diva moments this week! She will literally throw a royal fit for no apparent reason sometimes. You just have to give her some time to work it out. That usually involves me holding her and giving her lots of attention until she calms herself down. Millie has the biggest grin, and she has been doing so many belly laughs over the past month. Millie is especially attached to her giraffe binki. She has 7 teeth; 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Her little teeth are SHARP! Millie has been walking with her chest all puffed out lately. She also puts her hands behind her back. Not sure why she does it, but it is so funny. Millie's hemangioma on her back is getting so small and also losing its redness. Soon, there will be little evidence of it at all. Millie blows lots of kisses and loves pointing to her nose. We love our sweet little girl <3

Thanks for keeping up with our crazy. I am attempting to get back on schedule, but it is a hard task! Maybe next month....