Friday, March 30, 2018

Young, Wild, and THREE!

Life has been nothing short of a whirlwind since my last post. Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, vacation, and the every day craziness that is our life. Time for a recap!

For Halloween, the kiddos dressed up like the movie Grease. It was adorable! They were so great this year going door to door. We had tons of fun, and they lasted way longer than I thought they would, especially since they normally are getting ready for bed at the time we started trick or treating.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet little foursome!! Time is flying by faster each day. The kids are at the perfect age for birthdays and other festivities. They absolutely adore it!! They were excited all week before their birthday, and they ended up coming up with very specific ideas of what they wanted for their birthdays. Jackson wanted a blue elephant, Owen wanted a green person, Dylan wanted a digger, and Millie wanted a pink squishy kitty. Momma made it happen (thank you Amazon)! We had a blast at their party. The kiddos love every second.

Christmas was an absolute dream this year. The kiddos were so joyful about everything that was happening, and we had a couple of really great days together as a family. We did a Countdown to Christmas again this year. The kiddos open a new bag every day in December leading up to Christmas. Each bag is filled with a fun activity to do or place to go or way to give back to the community. Our little way of celebrating Christmas and focusing on some together time.

Next up was the kiddo's first big plane ride! We went (along with my parents) to Florida to stay with my grandparents at their house for about 5 days. The kids LOVED it. They were swimming fools in the pool. They loved the plane ride. After those days at my grandparents, we headed to Disney for 2 nights and spent one day at Magic Kingdom. So much fun. It was the perfect taste without being completely over the top. The kids did great with a full day at Disney, and they were tall enough to ride most of the rides. Picky and Owen were not too certain about the roller coasters, but Jackson and Millie loved it. We also did a character breakfast the day after which worked out great. The whole trip was so much fun. The only bummer came on the last day when we were supposed to fly home. Owen woke up VERY sick. We ended up taking him to the ER. Long story short, Owen and I ended up missing our flight and had to fly out the next day. Luckily my grandparents stuck around so we could just go back  home to their house for the extra night. Overall, such a great vacation.

So much more happened over these past 6 months. Here is a little peek into our world =)