Friday, October 6, 2017

8 Months Later- An Update on the Waugh-Nuts

It has been awhile! Life has been as chaotic as always. One thing that is easy to put off is updating the Blog! I need to get back to it so the kiddos can come back and read about their antics when they get older. So much has happened in the past 8 months, and the kids have grown up so much. I am going to try to give a snippet into our crazy world since my last update. Including lots of pictures (of course).

It always cracks me up with they sit on each other's laps.

These kids love a concrete truck! We got a new patio =)

Mills loves Uncle Nick

Looooove this photo 

They had the best time on this spinning toy at the park

They both needed a break on their walk LOL

I am a big fan of holidays. First up for this year was Valentine's Day! The kiddos loved the festivities also.

Next up was Easter! This Easter was so much fun. The kiddos loved the baskets and especially loved the Easter egg hunts. They weren't too sure about the Easter bunny though!

Our family was the Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes' March for Babies in Columbus this year! Chris and I did a news story, and our family and friends came out to walk with us. Thank you to everyone that supported our team! We far exceeded our goal, and we are very appreciative of your support.

Next up was our vacation to Myrtle Beach. We went for Chris' cousin's wedding. Millie was a flower girl =) The weather was so weird!!! It was the coldest week any of the residents could remember. We had a couple of warm days, but the kids didn't seem to mind. The kiddos absolutely love the beach and swimming. They did great on the drive too. Especially on the way home when we got a flat tire just as we crossed into Ohio which extended the drive an hour or two. We had tons of fun with Chris' family on the trip.

Chris and I also took our first trip without the kiddos since they were born. We went to New Orleans for our 6th anniversary. After a bumpy start to the trip (our flight was delayed, so we lost a day), we had a great time! We really loved the city. It was so nice to feel like regular people again. Thank you to our parents for keeping the kids while we had some fun! =) Did I mention that we went to Cafe Du Monde 3 times.....

My best friend Alyson got married! I helped to plan her shower in May, and she got married in July. It was so much fun! Anyone that knows me knows that I love to plan a party. I think I missed my calling. The kiddos and I were all in the wedding. We had no clue how that was going to go. They did okay. A little nervous, but cute as ever!!

Next up- potty training!! I was seriously dreading this from the moment I found out I was pregnant with quadruplets. I mean, can you even imagine potty training 4 little people at the same time?! The kiddos totally surprised me!!! They did great. They were pretty much trained within the first week. Not that they didn't need reminders, but they weren't really having any accidents. In fact, they didn't have many accidents after the first couple days. Now, they are true champs. We trained for daytime only, so they still use a pull-up for naps and bedtime. I am not ready to lose the cribs yet, so sleep time can wait!

Our method: completely naked for about 3 days, and then we added undies only (no clothes) for a few days. I think that helped with timing. We did stickers and chocolates for pee pee and stickers and prizes for poo poo. It has been fabulous! One thing I did not anticipate.... holy unders in the laundry!!!! I mean who would ever think they would have 50-70 pairs of little undies in a load of laundry.

On to the next big change. No more binkis!!!! We had gotten rid of them during the day some time ago, but they still used them for nap and bedtime. We knew it was going to be rough getting rid of them, particularly for Dylan. He was really hooked on that thing. We made a big deal of decorating a box to send the binkis to the little babies that need them. They each then picked out one binki to take to Build a Bear and stuff inside a bear they made. They thought that was all fine and good when we did it until it was time to go to bed. HOLY SMOKES screamfest. We had a couple days of screaming and about 5 days of nap boycotting, but all seems to be back to normal now. Thank goodness.

The kids started "preschool!" They just go once a week to a playgroup that is one hour and I stay with them. The way their birthday falls, they could have had 3 years of true preschool, but I didn't think they were ready for that yet. They absolutely love it, though! There is so much for them to do and explore every week.

So much more has happened in the last 8 months. Many trips to the river, Harvest Day festivals, trips to Hocking Hills, Arts in the Alley, sicknesses, walks, new park adventures, and all around fun times getting to know and love (even more than we thought possible) our bigger and talking little people. Here is a little update on each of them.

Sweet baby Jack. They will always be babies, right? Jackie weighs about 30 pounds. He is the absolute sweetest little boy, but he certainly thinks/wishes he was an only child. While he loves his siblings, he REALLY loves when he has your individual attention. Jackson really looks like his Uncle Nick when he was little. Fitting, since they share middle names. He is a smart little cookie, and he is very good with his reasoning. Right now, Jackie is obsessed with a little stuffed animal he calls his "bear bear" which is actually a dog! He got it from the hospital when he had his surgery when he was really little. Jackson LOVES yogurt which he actually calls "lowgurt." Jackson thinks he is pretty awesome because he can have chewing gum. His grandpa gave him some once, and he is a champ! He will chew the same piece all day if you let him and "park" it while he eats his meals. He is so funny. Jackson will absolutely talk your head off if you let him. He has lot and lots and lots to say. He will talk even more if he is with you solo. We love this sweet little Jack.

Little Owie Daniel. Owen is so so sweet. He is the best listener of the bunch. He weighs about 27 pounds, but is such a skinny little thing. You wouldn't know it by the amount that he eats! His favorite kind of food is pasta of whatever sort. Owen loves Blippi, which is a series of shows you can find on YouTube. He actually calls him "Lippi" which is adorable. Owen is so loving. He has taken to just walking up to us and telling us he loves us which is just about the best feeling in the entire world. He also tells us he wants to snuggle all the time. Owen has taken to screaming his head off about 2 hours after he goes to bed. He has learned that this usually means he gets some solo time with mommy and daddy. He doesn't do it every night, but at least a few times a week. He is the absolutely best when he is up with us solo. So funny and loving and sweet. Once, he called himself "Buff" when we woke up at night, so now when he is up at night we call him Buff. Owen probably has the most developed vocabulary of the bunch. He actually stutters a little bit, but I think it may be just because the words are forming faster in his head than what he can get out. We will see when we visit the developmental doctor next week. We love this sweet little Owie.

Dill Picky. What a sweet snuggly little guy. He has the cutest little grin that I have ever seen. Dylan is the biggest of the bunch. He weighs over 35 pounds now!! He is also really tall. I think he is going to take after my mom's side of the family, but we will see. Picky looks the most like me when I was younger. Dylan LOVES meat! In fact, one morning when I went in to get him out of bed, he looked at me and said, "I want meat!" So hilarious. Dylan loves books and he loves to watch shows. He gets so interested in whatever he is doing. He is definitely the most likely of the four to find something on his own to play with, and he is the least concerned about what his siblings are doing if he is doing something he wants to do. Dylan can definitely throw the biggest fits in the world!!! He doesn't get his way, and fits commence. You can imagine with 4 kids, he doesn't always get his way. So, we have fits a lot. Normally if you snuggle him up, he will calm down. Dylan has the brightest and biggest smile. He loves to give "lick kisses" which is essentially just him walking up to you and licking you. He will even act like he is coming in for a regular kiss and then all of a sudden you get a massive lick across your face. He also loves to do "arm hugs" when he is going to bed. Essentially squeezing my arm to death while he is laying in bed after I tuck him in. So sweet. We love this little guy.

Do you see how cute this sweet little Millie girl is? Mills is the tiniest of the bunch. She is only 25 pounds (10 pounds less than Dylan!!!), and the tiniest little thing. Millie is so so so so fiesty!!! Diva is her middle name. She has no problem telling her brothers (or us) what she wants, how she wants it, and when. Mills has a favorite little white kitty stuffed animal. I am pretty sure it came from a Valentine's Day present from her Aunt Annie. So random! She loves it when we hide her little kitty all over the house for her to find. Millie's hair is growing like a weed!!!! FINALLY! It makes her look so old. Millie loves all things pink, and she is so girly. It always cracks me up how girly she is when she has 3 crazy brothers. BUT, that doesn't mean she isn't one tough cookie. Mills has the longest and skinniest feet and hands I have ever seen in a kid! It is crazy. She has a long crazy lizard tongue, too. Millie does the cutest little scrunchy nose face when she smiles or is doing something rotten. She is a little momma's girl. She always wants to do whatever I am doing. We love this sweet little girl.

Thanks for keeping up with our crazy! I am hoping to keep up better now that I am starting to get more used to my crazy schedule with work. Cannot believe our sweet little babies are going to be THREE next month! Check back for their third birthday pictures. =)