Saturday, March 7, 2015

Four Month Old Waugh-Nuts

Happy Four Months to the Waugh-Nuts!  These once little tiny preemie babies are growing like weeds.

Happy Four Months!

We are still surviving in Waugh-Nut world!  The babies are starting to stay awake so much longer now, so we are doing our best to entertain them all.  They are at a weird stage where they are too small for many of the toys, yet they are awake and want to be entertained.  Right now, they are really loving playing with the toys on their bouncers.  We have these awesome swings where the seat of the swing pops off and turns into a bouncer.  I am all for gadgets that save me space and money!  They also still love to lay and play on their play mats.  We try to do as much tummy time as we can, but it is not a favorite around here.  Sometimes they like it, but most of the time they do not.  Stinkers.  We have had some doctor appointments this month, but not as many.  We did have their big 4 month check up with the pediatrician where each baby had to get 3 shots and one oral medicine for their vaccines.  Talk about a scream fest!  It is pure torture, but the doctor and the nurses are patient with us.  It is still stressful, and I think the stress is harder on the adults than the babies!

Miss Aleah (the other light of my life)

Aleah and her baby =)

SO CUTE! Millie and Owen "noticed" each other and were smiling and talking to each other for the first time at the doctor appointment.

Brothers playing in the morning (they are always the first up- Millie needs her beauty sleep!)

Waiting for the torture of the shots at the doctor =(

The bigs (Jackson and Dylan) are eating between 4.5 to 5.5 ounces each feed.  The littles (Owen and Millie) are eating between 3.5 to 4.5 ounces each feed.  Our schedule looks something like this right now:

1:00am- Feed (no diaper change); back to sleep
5:00am- Feed; back to sleep
6:30am- Babies start waking up.  We bring them down one at a time as they wake.
8:00am- Feed; playtime
9:00am- Nap
11:00am- Wake Up, Play
12:00pm- Feed; playtime
1:00pm- Nap
3:00pm- Wake, Play
4:00pm- Feed
5:30pm- Cat nap
6:15pm- Play (usually bouncers)
8:00pm- Feed; Bedtime

Chris and my mom do the 1:00am feed, and my dad and I do the 5:00am feed.  Also, when I say they are napping, they are very rarely all napping simultaneously.  They are moving toward and morning and an afternoon nap, but, right now, they are still doing some cat naps throughout the day.  They are also still sleeping in their Rock n Plays.  I am hoping to try to transition out of those maybe next weekend to their cribs.  I wanted to try this weekend, but they just got their shots, so probably not the best idea.  We will also probably try to start having them nap in their their cribs or pack n plays instead of the rock n plays or swings, but we will see how it goes!


Jackson is still the biggest of the bunch coming in at 12lbs 13oz (HEAVY!).  He smiles, giggles, talks and is overall an extremely happy baby.  When he wants you to pick him up, he will let you know!  He loves to sleep on your chest (think bear hug position), and he is a major cuddle bug.  He has the most hair right now (and the most rolls!).  He is starting to reach for toys that are hanging above him.  He does great on tummy time and raises his chest and head up high.  It is amazing how much bigger he seems than the rest of the bunch, although Dylan is catching up quickly!  Jackson is officially on the growth chart- wahoo!

Ninja Warrior when it comes to getting out of sleep sacks.


Owen is still our tiny man.  He is 9lbs 3.5oz.  He feels like air compared to Jackson which is hilarious because when Jackson weighed 9lbs we thought he was so heavy.  He has always been our spitter, but over the past 3 weeks, he has all but stopped spitting.  What a relief!  Hopefully he can put on weight a little quicker now.  He is so long and skinny!  Definitely has the Waugh skinny legs.  He has the hugest smile, and it takes up most of his tiny little face.  He also has a dimple on his left cheek in almost the exact same place as Aleah has one- it is so so cute!  He smiles with his whole face.  Owen talks the most, and he will have long conversations with you.  It is absolutely adorable.  He still has the high-pitched squeel of a cry, and he can get going so quickly!

He sprouted this much hair in 3 days....

Here comes the scream....


Dylan has changed so much!  He is 12lbs 3oz and getting quite chunky!  So far, he seems the most sensitive.  He easily scares with a loud noise or sudden change of movement.  He also knows when you are walking away from him and either cries or gives you this look like WHY AREN'T YOU HOLDING ME!  Poor little guy, it is so pitiful looking.  He just looks so worried.  He is starting to get just as strong as Jackson is.  Dylan LOVES the bouncer.  He could kick in that thing for hours if we let him.  He doesn't love laying on the floor as much unless someone is right there with him playing with him.  Dylan does not like naps.  It is not unusual for him to be up for most of the day with just a few short little 10 minute naps here and there throughout the day.  Dylan smiles and talks up a storm.  He has the cutest little grin. Dylan is officially on the growth chart- happy day!  He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

No I did not enjoy that bath.

Mean Muggin.


Last but not least, little Miss Millie.  Millie girl is 9lbs 6oz, but she is starting to get some rolls on her legs (adorable).  Millie does big old smiles and giggles, and she talks a lot, too.  She is still the most content of the bunch and the best sleeper, too.  She might sleep 8 hours at night if we let her (we are still getting them up to feed in the night), but we need her to grow a bit more!  Millie's strawberry hemangioma on her lip is looking much better with the topical medicine we are putting on it.  She has the most petite and cute little face and features.  She looks like such a little tiny doll baby!  Millie is still Aleah's favorite; she always checks for Millie first when she comes over.  Girls have to stick together!  Millie is doing better with her feeds now that we have learned her tricks!  We have to go straight through on her bottles without burping her to get her to take more.  If you stop to burp, she won't drink any more after the burp (stinker!).  Millie has really expressive hands, and really long fingers.

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