Saturday, April 4, 2015

FOUR 5 Month Olds! (and Happy Easter to all!)


Our little tiny ones turn 5 months old on Easter! Can you believe it?! We can't! They are changing so much every single day it seems like, and they have all reached so many milestones in the past month. It is going by so quickly, and I am trying to cherish every single moment. It is hard when we are so busy, but I am working hard to not worry about the little things (like getting things done around the house as soon as they need done) so that I can spend more of my time snuggling my babies and watching them grow. It only happens once, and it goes by quickly! Everything else can wait.

Things are still crazy around here as I am sure you can imagine. I am back to work four days a week now (Monday-Thursday). It is hard to be away from the babies, but I cherish the time I am home even more now. I always wanted to work, never wanted to stay home, so I don't want our circumstances to change my personal dreams! Not to mention, these kiddos are expensive, and we want to be able to give them everything we are able. In VERY happy news, the babies are sleeping much better. Even though they aren't sleeping through the night (I don't really want them to yet because I want them to gain more catch-up weight!), they are sleeping so much deeper during the night and really only wake up to eat then go right back to sleep. We still feed them at 1:00am and 5:00am. We also started putting them in their cribs at night. We had to take a short hiatus from that because they all got sick in the middle of the month and needed to be at an incline, but we have started back up. They do pretty well, but it is a work in progress!

All four in their cribs!

My dad and Aleah flew the coop to Florida without us (NOT FAIR!). Aleah is having a ball, of course. Maybe we will all make the trip next year! Dan and Lori came up some extra time to help us. They come up every weekend to help, and it is so nice to get a little extra sleep those nights! Lori also always cooks us some yummy meals, and the babies get a lot more individualized attention. Dan and Lori came up early one other weekend this month so that we could go to Brady and Britt's wedding. It was one of our first nights out, and we had a great time! Of course I didn't get any pictures, but Brittany looked gorgeous, and I cried like a baby through their whole ceremony, it was just so sweet. So happy for them- congratulations you two! I also went with Aleah on a trip to the circus- a day all about her! She had so much fun, but the circus is so weird compared to what I remembered when I was a kid. She loved it though!

Aleah with her GIANT dog.

I finally sold my car! (Goodbye car picture)

Enough bottles for 5 feedings (we have 6 feedings/day)

I took Aleah to an Easter egg hunt (it was 17 degrees, thanks Ohio)

She wanted to "rest" with her easter egg bucket on her head

We have still been looking for houses. There is just not much available right now! We are not really ready to move yet, but we are looking so that we have a better idea of what is out there when we are ready. If we found a great deal or the perfect house, we would probably jump on that even though we aren't quite ready yet.

We have started having some visitors over to visit and to help us out on the week nights after work sometimes. I love having everyone finally be able to meet the babies! It also allows us to have to time to socialize with our family and friends that we haven't seen very much in the past year. We can FINALLY take some walks outside as the weather has gotten nicer. It is so nice to be able to get out of the house, and the babies love the walks and fresh air. The quarantine is finally over since cold and flu season ended April 1st, although we still have to be careful. We are breaking free to my Aunt Cathy's house for Easter (woohoo!). It will be the babies real first outing to anywhere except for the doctor, and we cannot wait!

Jackson was the second of the bunch to roll over (belly to back), although he hasn't done it many times since. He is pretty close to being able to roll back to belly though, which is amazing! He gets stuck on his arm and just hangs out on his side for awhile. It is so funny. Jackson has such a personality, and he is very strong! He is destructive with those toys. When he sits in his bumbo seat with the tray, he just trows the toys right off onto the floor. He gets a kick out of it. Jackson does huge belly laughs, and he did the biggest belly laughs I have heard yet when he was laughing at his Aunt Cathy telling a story. It was so incredibly adorable. Jackson has started getting 6oz/bottle, but he doesn't always take it all!

Uncle Nick (they share middle names!)

He was eating, sneezed, and this is where the bottle ended up! Hilarious.

First time in the bumbo!

Well hello gorgeous.

Owen just rolled over for the first time yesterday, and he actually did it for the first time while we were at the doctor's office (with the doctor and nurse watching on!). What a show off! It was a great birthday present for momma. Owen is so so tiny. He weighed 10lbs 5oz yesterday at the doctor which is just 2-3 ounces less than Millie, but he looks so small because he is so long compared to Millie. He was 23.5 inches yesterday, and the big boys are 24-24.5 inches (but they weigh 3lbs more!). We added some extra calories to his diet to try to help him gain more weight faster. Owen likes to play the most, and he is always moving like a crazy man! He will play on his mats or in the bouncers for at least twice as long as anyone else- he just loves it. That could be contributing to his skinniness because he is working off so many calories. We love his tiny self though- he is just so so cute with his little features. Owen gets 5oz/bottle, but doesn't always eat all of it. He also gets formula (with breast milk) that is 24 calories instead of 22 (what everyone else gets) and Zantac (to see if that helps with his gas).


Uncle Nick

Cousin Ryan
Dylan was the third of the bunch to roll over, and he has done it a couple of times since. He is so sensitive, and it always scares him to death when he does it. His eyes get so big! Dylan can get scared or nervous so easy and so quick- poor little guy. He is a total momma's boy, and sometimes he won't settle for anyone but me. I love that, and I get lots of snuggle time with him because of it. Dylan is definitely our biggest changer. He is so close to catching up with Jackson in size, and he has been meeting milestones like crazy! Many say that Dylan and Jackson are starting to look more alike, but I don't see it. He is so so handsome, and he has the darkest complexion of the bunch (finally something one of them gets from my side of the family- they all look like Chris!). Dylan loves to just babble on and on to himself or whoever will listen. He does a little gurgling noise that is just hilarious, and he can keep it going forever. Dylan gets offered 6oz/bottle, but doesn't always take it all.

He looks like he is doing a little jig

lifting weights

Well Millie is going to be the first for everything I think! This month, she was the first to roll over. She does it over and over again, and it is adorable! I think she is saying she doesn't want to do tummy time because she flips right over as soon as she is on her tummy. Millie is still the most content, and she is definitely the best sleeper. I think she would probably sleep through the night if we let her, but I want her to keep growing! She has started to get little rolls on her legs which is adorable. Her strawberry hemangioma on her lip and back are doing great with the topical medicine we apply. It seems that neither are going to get any bigger, and hopefully they will start getting smaller soon! Millie gets 5oz/bottle, and she is getting much better with her feeding. I think now that she has a little weight on her, the gas is not having such a big impact on her tiny self.

Cousin Aleah (Millie is her favorite)

I recently realized that I never shared any of the newborn pictures we had done for the babies, so some of our favorites are below. Thank you so much to Stacy at Bare Baby Photography for doing such a great job with our littles. It was no easy task! She was at our house for about 6 hours to get individual shots of everyone, some foursome shots, and some pictures that included Chris and I. We will cherish these pictures for years to come! We are keeping the family ones and the group shots close to home =)

Our March for Babies walk is April 26! That will be another big outing for the babies as long as the weather is decent. Thank you to everyone that has joined our team or donated to our team or someone on it. We appreciate the support so much! If you haven't done so already, please consider contributing to the Waugh-Nut Quads team. You can contribute or join the team at: We still have just over $1,000.00 to go to reach our team goal of $2,500.00. Please support the cause.

As always, thank you guys for following our journey! Hopefully now that we can get out of the house more, more of you will be able to meet our sweet babies in person!