Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Half Birthday Babies!

can hardly believe that 6 months have already passed since the day our sweet babies were born. They are growing so quickly and each developing into their own little person. Time is moving WAY too quickly! Slow down please- I want these babies to stay little and cuddly!

This month brought about a TON of changes! Our quarantine was finally over, so we really enjoyed getting to get out of the house some with the babies. They have been out to eat 5-6 times so far, and they have been stars each and every time. We like to pick places to go out that either have outdoor seating or are a little noisy anyways. It also helps to take extra people to play with the babies and show off our little miracles! We go on lots and lots of walks. The babies love it, and it is a good way to get out of the house and try to get my muscles working again. I have been having some back pain because I am overcompensating with my back muscles due to my lack of abdominal muscles and my abdominal separation. My OB ordered physical therapy, but, so far, I have not had the time to fit that into our crazy schedule.

Can you spot Jackson and Millie? ;)

Millie and Owen- our littles

We were quite the scene on this walk!

What you lookin at mom?

Chris calls this outfit Millie's wallpaper outfit. I think it is cute =)

Blue eyes and brown eyes (Dylan and Owen)

Oh my <3

April 26 was our March for Babies walk! Our team ended up raising nearly $3,000, and we had 36 AWESOME people on "Team Waugh-Nut Quads" on the day of the walk. We had so much fun! There was lots to do, and Aleah loved that. We opted for the 3 mile route. The babies started off in their strollers, but, one by one, they each got out and were carried the rest of the day. Due to SOMEONE needing a potty breaks - I won't mention any names ;) - our team was literally the last to finish. It actually turned out fine though because it gave us lots more room to walk! The Columbus Dispatch did an article about the walk featuring our babies and our team. You can read the article here. One of my mom's friend's son was actually the one to write the article, and he did a great job! Thank you so much to everyone that donated to our team or to one of our walkers and to everyone that joined us at the walk. This cause is near and dear to our heart, and we cannot wait to make this walk part of our family tradition for years to come.

We had our 6 month visit to the neonatology clinic last week. The babies all got great reports! They each got a work over by the nurse practitioner and neonatologist plus they each got a developmental assessment. They are all in the normal range for their adjusted age as far as their development goes which is great news. We try to work with them as much as we can so they can meet their milestones and start catching up. They want Owen to gain some more weight, so he has to go back in in a month for another weight check. Hopefully with how much that boy has been eating lately he will start to catch up. Overall it was a great visit, and they were happy with the progress of our little ones!

Jackson is still the bubba of the bunch, but Dylan is following closely behind! Jackson is ready to go go go, and he is looking more and more like he wants to crawl. When we are eating, he is watching very closely for when he is going to get a bite. Hopefully it won't be too long before he gets his wish! Jackson weighs about 15lbs 12oz, and he has caught up to his actual age!! He is now in the 15th percentile for babies that are his same age. YAY! Jackson is so strong! Strong also means destructive. He throws toys, pulls down his play gym, smashes toys together- he is crazy. He just rolled over from back to belly for the first time two nights ago! He is still learning and usually gets stuck on his elbow. I'd say he will get it down in the next week or so. He is also really close to sitting up by himself, so it won't be long for that. Jackson is SO spitty! He does raspberries and drools like crazy. His fingers are his favorite treat =) and they are so so pudgy and adorable.

Little O is still the tiny one of the bunch. He weighs about 12lbs. We are giving him extra calories in each of his bottles (24 calories per ounce instead of 22 calories), and he usually has an extra bottle during the night. We hope this helps him grow quicker! Poor little guy just moves so much (he loves to play!), that it is hard for him to gain weight. Owen is our happiest baby. He is always smiling, and he has a cute little dimple on his left cheek. Mr. O was our first to roll back to belly (after being the last to roll belly to back); he did it in the middle of the night one night! Big boy. We are still working on bearing more weight on his legs, but he is getting better. The boy can screech- loud! It is almost comical how quickly he can get going. Owen is Mr. Personality and loves to interact with anyone around. He is a major snacker, and he doesn't mind letting you know when he is hungry. He has his "hungry screech" and he gives you all of 10 seconds to get some food in his belly before he goes ballistic! His smile takes up his whole face, and he has a dimple on his left cheek. He is our perfect little man, and he has the cutest little lips in this universe.

Say a little prayer for me 

Oh our little chubby Dill Pickle. What a cuddly little momma's boy. Dylan gets so so excited, and he can really get his legs going! He kicks them so hard against the floor that we joke he is going to get bruised heels! Dylan can still get worked up, but it usually only happens now when he is overly tired. He loves the swing outside, and he usually takes the best naps of the bunch. Dylan ALWAYS sleeps with his hands above his head when he is sleeping in his crib. Dylan is now about 15lbs 6oz with the cutest little chubby cheeks. Dylan has also caught up in size to is actual age! He is in the 15th percentile of babies his same age. This is great news! Dylan is always looking like he just got back from the beach because his complexion is so much darker than the other boys, and it looks so cute with his blue eyes. Chris has brown eyes and mine are green, so the chances of both Dylan and Jackson having blue eyes are so slim, but that is what they are and haven't changed yet!


Finally, our little princess. Millie is hilarious because she is so so tiny, but she does things a 6 month old would do! It is so funny to see. Millie is about 12lbs 3oz. She is growing great, but she has not quite caught up yet to her actual age. Miss Millie just rolled back to belly for the first time yesterday! She works on it the most overnight because she is always sleeping on her side all curled up. I definitely cannot try to write these posts too far in advance because things are changing so quickly! Millie is a crazy girl and can move all over the place. She uses he body to scoot, and she can do big 360s which she always does in her bed. She is still the best sleeper and often sleeps past 8:00am. Millie's hemangioma on her lip is doing so great with the medicine we give her. You can barely notice it is there at all. When Millie is playing, she gets SO MAD if she cannot reach the toys to her mouth. She screeches and screams at the toys which is hilarious. She has the tiniest little piggies; they are probably no bigger than a newborn baby! You can definitely tell that Millie is the girl of the bunch with her pretty little dainty features and face. She is starting to get some more rolls on her legs which are just adorable now that it is getting warm enough to show them off!

What is this lady doing to me?!

My favorite things about being a mom right now- baby giggles, smiles when they see me, and watching them sleep. Is there anything more sweet? What a lucky lady I am! As always, thank you all for your support. We hope to see you out on our next adventure! Stop and say hello =)