Friday, June 5, 2015

Seven Month Old Waugh-Nuts

Well, we survived another month! It truly is getting easier. As the babies can move and play more, it definitely gets easier. It also helps that we are sleeping more. This month, the babies all moved permanently from their rock n plays to their cribs full-time. That transition went really smooth actually! They are also all in sleep sacks without the swaddle, and they love it! They scoot all over that bed during the night. Most of the time, they are all always laying on their sides, although we have had a couple of times where they have flipped over onto their tummy! Jackson and Owen even slept on their bellies a couple of times. We also started feeding on demand overnight instead of getting them up at set times to eat. For that, we have good days and bad. We feed them at 7:45-8:00pm and then put them to bed. Jackson almost always sleeps through the night until sometime between 6:00-7:00am- not too bad! He does require a binki every now and then. Owen still wants to eat about 2-3 times per night, but it is usually just a snack, and he goes back to bed pretty quickly and easily. He also usually requires a binki or two. Dylan is totally hit or miss. Sometimes he will sleep through, sometimes he wants a snack, sometimes he wakes up and screams his head off, sometimes he wakes up wide awake. He has been doing better the past couple nights, so we hope to keep that up! Miss Millie is usually pretty easy. Sometimes she will want one snack during the night, but she goes right back to bed. She is so funny because sometimes if you look on the monitor in the middle of the night, she is just laying in her bed kicking away but not making a peep. Little stinker that one =) Overall, it has gone pretty well. Chris and I also handle all the night duties now for the most part, so that gets my parents off the hook for the night feeds during the week which is great!
Just brothers hanging out =)

The littles

Mommy and Daddy went on a date night =)

And out for my brother and sister's 21st birthday

This is our living room aka the daycare center


A gift from my MoM group Secret Sister- love it!

We go to the park all the time and take Aleah along =)

Oh love

Lots of changes this month, and the babies are growing so quickly. We have gone on many more adventures... some would say we are starting to get brave! Millie has attended a wedding reception, Owen attended a graduation party, we all went to multiple cookouts and lots of walks, we have ventured out to dinner (or lunch) a couple of times, some doctor appointments, Owen made a stop at my work, out shopping, to the farmer's market in our town, and who knows what else. For the most part, the babies do great on our adventures! It always feels so great to get out of the house with them and have everything go okay/according to plan. It feels like a big Mommy and Daddy WIN! (Don't ask about the times when it doesn't go as planned. Although they are few and far between, they are sore subjects!!!)
The babies are really starting to interact with each other this month. There has been more than one time where I have witnessed one baby snatch a toy from another and then the other proceeds to cry! I am sure that I have much more of that in my future. They have also (accidentally) hit each other, kicked each other, rolled on top of each other, and dropped toys on each other. We've got a tough bunch =) I can see that in the next month we are really going to have some babies on the move. They are starting to roll all over and scoot across their play area to get to the toy they want. We are in trouble now! They all talk, smile, giggle, and spend lots of time playing with and trying to eat their piggies. 
Everyone is always saying how much all of the babies look like Chris (my husband). Seriously, since the moment they were born, no one had EVER said that any of them looked like me (sore subject!!!!!). Um Hello babies!!!! I did carry you. You could at least toss me a bone. Well, for the first time, I had two people (in one day!) tell me that Jackson and Dylan looked like mommy. I will take it! Although, I have to admit that even I think that they all look like their Daddy.
This month, we starting letting them taste a little bit of oatmeal cereal. The big boys were really ready for it, and I felt bad not letting Owen and Millie at least have a little taste. It was a little iffy at first, but now they love it! They do not get much at all, a total of about 2 tablespoons between the four of them, and they only eat it once a day (in the morning before their morning nap). The pictures below are of their second time trying the oatmeal. They are SO MESSY! We have switched to getting them dressed after they eat because it is pointless to do it before. Jackson is the most messy because he likes to grab for the spoon. We started giving him his own spoon to hold which seems to help.

Comedian! When is this guy not grinning? He does huge belly laughs, and he is really ticklish. Practically all you have to do is glance in his direction, and he starts cracking up. He loves to cuddle, and he is still a fan of the bear hug pose during all of our cuddle sessions. Still the biggest, and he is so so strong. He can practically do a pull-up which is much more than I can say about myself! Jackson can roll all over, and he is definitely doing the most scooting around of the bunch. He wants to get up and get going! He is the least flexible of all the babes- he can just barely reach his piggies to his mouth to suck on. His hair is really growing, and he has a little cowlick right in the front just like his daddy. Jackson definitely seems like he is working on something in his mouth! He may be the first with a tooth. He is just chomping down and making funny faces all day long. Jackson has "man hands"- they are SO BIG. He is our little bubba of the bunch =)

Our sweet little O. Also a big grinner! All the time I am looking somewhere else and glance in his direction and he is just grinning ear to ear looking at me. What a cuteness! Owen is still on his high calorie diet, but he is growing! It is noticeable now, even to me. He is in the 3rd percentile (back on the curve- yay!) for his weight, but he is in the 50th percentile for his height (all actual age)! Such a string bean. Everyone is constantly telling me how much he looks just like his daddy, and I agree! Owen can go from zero to a hundred back to zero in a flash, and he has no problem letting you know when he is hungry. Boy LOVES to snack! All day. And night. That is okay though because we want him to keep growing big and strong. Owen is our biggest roller! He rolls all over the place all day, and he is starting to scoot a bit. He is hilarious because he will roll over onto his belly, but half the time he will forget he can also roll back onto his back so he just screeches until you come roll him back over. Goober. He loves to play, and he is just so content most of the time.


Aleah is such a great cousin. She is such a blessing!

Mom really- what is this sun hat!

I love his little lips so much.

Little Momma's boy Dill Picks =) He is such a worry wart! Any little sound or sudden movement gets this little guy concerned. It is just so funny and so sweet. Because he gets worried, he loves to be held (and reassured). Sometimes he is so happy playing by himself, but sometimes he wants to be held all day. You never know what you are going to get with him! He has the most beautiful blue eyes and the worlds softest skin. If it is possible, his skin is 10x softer than his siblings' skin. I could just rub his little hands all day long. Dylan loves loves loves baths! He gets his little legs kicking so much and so hard that, by the time his bath is over, it looks like a flood hit our house. It is so funny! He kicks the most when he is playing in the play area too. He can really get going kicking and hitting his toys so hard and so fast. He is such a snuggle bug, and he loves to snuggle his momma which I love =)

He looks like he is in a wind tunnel

Sweet little Millie Kaye. She just has the sweetest disposition. Millie is always so happy. She does the cutest little grins and wrinkles her whole nose up in the process. At night, she is the only one that you can lay in her bed completely wide awake, and she will put herself to sleep- no binki necessary! Millie is a tiny little thing. I haven't weighed them in about a week, but I am pretty sure Owen passed her back up again this week. She passed him in weight in the NICU, but our little thing is back to being the smallest again! She is so incredibly petite in all ways. We had to get her some "sandals" pictured below because we cannot find any shoes that fit the poor girls feet! Even the newborn shoes are too big. She is usually our best eater right now though! She has gotten so much better and less particular about taking her bottles which is great. She LOVES her piggies. She holds on to them and sucks on them all day long. My Secret Sister got her some piggy paint (fingernail polish for babies and kiddos), so we loved having her little piggies painted. So adorable! Of course I had to buy her two more colors.... so glad I have a little girl =) Millie rolls all over and really enjoys quiet snuggle time, even when she is not sleeping. Just the best time in the world!

Painted Piggies

She loves her cousin Aleah =)

Millie's new "sandals" 

We are having so much fun! These babies bring a lot of work, but also so much joy to our lives. Today, we take our first trip to the zoo. Am I nuts? Probably! Pictures to follow. We love visitors, so please let me know if you would like to have a date with the Waugh-Nuts!

Things I am loving this month: all of the playing with the piggies, snuggles during naps, belly laughs, funny faces made while trying to figure out what is going on in their mouths (trying to work on some teeth!), smiles when I get home from work, seeing their pudgy little legs come out to play for summer, them reaching up and touching my face while I give them their bottles, pictures of sleeping babies, and playing peek-a-boo. 

As always, thank you so much for following our journey! We hope to see you all out and about soon =)