Monday, February 15, 2016

15 month Love Bugs

Happy Valentines Day from our sweetie-pie Waugh-Nut Babies (can I still call them babies?!)!!

We've got 15 month olds! They are so busy and keep us on our toes constantly. We still have 3 of the 4 walking (Owen is the hold out). We are having so much fun with them. They change so much from week to week. We are working on some words (they do mama, dada, baby, uh oh, and make lots of other attempts). They can blow kisses, wave bye-bye, and point to their noses. We are working on pointing to their eyes, ears, mouth, and head. They play peek-a-boo, and they love to dance and read books.

We are in the middle of a big transition with their eating. We are switching to whole milk little by little by replacing the formula in their bottles. They still get 2 bottles each day. Once they are completely on whole milk, we are going to try to go cold turkey on the bottles. Probably within the next month. Wish us luck!! Owen is still eating twice during the night, so that will be the hardest change. We want to try to get rid of those feeds, but he is drinking about 10-12oz during the night, so it will be a big change for him. Our nighttime routine is SO easy right now, and we worked so hard to get here. The thought of messing it up makes me want to poke my eyes out, but I also know our babies are growing up. It will be both a happy and sad day when those bottles are gone for good. I have washed enough bottles to last 3 lifetimes, but it also means I have no more babies. =(

They love to play in Millie's bow box

Happy with their books from Nina & Papa

All the boys doing the laundry

The babies all had their eyes checked this month. they had to have a full eye exam and get their eyes dilated because they were preemies. Millie and Owen also had ROP that self-resolved, so this exam also checked to make sure there were no lasting effects from that. All of the babies' eyes were perfect! That was great news for this momma. The exam was actually much easier than I anticipated. They don't need to be seen for 3-5 years. Rockstar babies. We also had their 15 month well visit. The pediatrician said they were doing great. They are really growing, and they all made a huge jump on their growth chart between the 12 month appointment and 15 month appointment. That was great news! Jackson also had his follow-up appointment from his surgery and got a good report. Doesn't need to be seen again =)

This winter has (so far) been refreshingly mild. That is great for us because we can get the kiddos out of the house more often. We have been on lots of walks and have ventured to the park that is really close to our new house. The babies went to their first multiples playdate at the play place at The Naz. It was a bit chaotic, but I think they liked the change of scenery. In SUPER exciting news, we have new neighbors! The family has triplets born the same year as our crew, an older boy that is 4, and expecting another bundle next month. We are so excited to have some new friends living so close, especially new friends that understand our crazy life and the struggle so well.

Chris and I have both been busy at work. Chris is working on some side projects, so that keeps him busy at times. I have been pretty busy because my law partner is spending some time in Florida this winter. This life of ours takes lots of advance planning and scheduling from all involved! I am so thankful that my mom is able to help so much during the week allowing me to work. She is a saint. My dad does not think twice about helping in the morning, after work, or even during the day if there is a meltdown day. Chris' parents still come to help and visit during the weekends which allows Chris and I to play catch up with things we fall behind with during the week. All of these things make our lives so much easier and so much more enjoyable. We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends. If anyone is interested, we would like to put together a short list of people we could contact during the daytime during the week if either my mom or our nanny is unavailable last minute. We always like to have 2 people with the babies during the day (at least for now), so you would never be alone. If you are interested at all, please let me know =)

I spent some quality time with Aleah this month. I am trying to make it a point to make sure she feels special and gets to do special things with me. She was my first princess, and I want to show her how much I love her. I took her to a Minecraft painting class, and Chris and I took her to Disney on Ice with dinner before. She has also been hanging out with me lots at home. I love all of the time I get to spend with her. She is the funniest kid I know.


Jackson is such a smart baby. I can tell that he is really starting to understand what we are saying. He is so incredibly rotten. He bit poor Owen last night and left a big bite mark. All of the kids are biting, so it is not just him, but STILL! Jackson weighs 25lbs. He is in the 79th percentile! And that is not adjusted. What a big boy we have =) He is all muscle. Jackson loves babies. He is also very interested in the whole dressing and undressing process. He even got his diaper off once. Let's hope that one doesn't continue!! He also knows when he is pooping because he always goes and hides which is hilarious. Jackson is obsessed with pancakes right now, and he loves pizza like his dad. He likes to get into everything that he is not supposed to. If you are holding someone else, you can expect Jackson to by whining at your feet until you pick him up too. Jackson loves to read books, and he has very ticklish piggies. He loves to pour the water over his head in the bath. 


Owen is such a growing boy!! You can definitely see how much chubbier he is finally getting. From his 12mo appointment to his 15mo appointment, he jumped from the 1st percentile to the 15th percentile which is so so great! May have something to do with still wanting to eat during the night, but we will take it. He is officially a 20 pound baby boy. One of Owen's favorite things to do is "clear the table" meaning push all of the toys that are on their picnic tables onto the floor. He is always so proud. Owen has the biggest and cutest smile that takes up his whole face. He is really attached to Chris and I at the moment and just wants to be on top of us when we are around. Owen's favorite book is Smile Pout Pout Fish. He wants to read it over and over again. He absolutely LOVES to dance. Even if one of their toys starts playing a little tune, Owen starts dancing. It is adorable. He loves cold cereal and will just keep screaming until you give him more more more. Little Owie gives some awesome kisses, and he is working so so hard on his walking. Hopefully by next month!


Mr. Picks. Our biggest baby! Dylan weighed 25.2lbs which put him at the 80th percentile. What a beast! Dylan has more pudge than muscle which makes him extra soft and cuddly. We love Dylan's curls and wild man hair. You never know how it is going to look in the morning. Dylan loves to snuggle his bottles after he finishes them. That is something I will definitely miss when we get rid of the bottles for good. He is SO ticklish. He would love it if I tickled him all day long. He just giggles and cackles all day long. Dylan loves to putter around the house mumbling to himself. He walks from the playroom to the kitchen and back over and over just talking to himself and seemingly contemplating life. He is much more independent than his siblings. He loves the laundry room (and climbing into the dryer). Dylan loves to read. He will sit on your lap and read book after book after book. Dylan is still a great eater. He will eat just about everything you put in front of him. He has the softest rosiest cheeks in the world. I could just eat him up.


Our little peanut. Millie is 18lb 6oz. That puts her at the 15th percentile, which is great! She still seems so small to be able to walk around as much as she does. Millie has become a little biter. When those brothers of hers make her mad, she definitely has a way of letting them know. Poor boys, she has the sharpest little teeth. When Millie wants to read a book. she will back up halfway across the room to get into your lap. It is so funny. She loves "Are you my Mother?" Millie is so funny when she eats. She may reject the whole meal, but once the boys get up from their seats, she will sit there and eat every bite. Maybe she just needs a break from their crazy =) Millie loves to stand up on top of their picnic tables. She stands up there like she is the queen of the world. She won't stop, even though she has taken a tumble or two. Millie loves the slide, and she loves to hide in the ball pit. She is so spastic sometimes and will swat you away if you are doing something she doesn't want you to (like wiping her nose). She is so so funny.

If you have made it this far, thanks for keeping up with the Waughs!! We are gearing up for our next March of Dimes March for Babies walk. We would love to have you join our team or donate to our walk. We are so grateful for all of the research that has been done to help preemies thrive. Without a doubt, our kiddos have benefited from all of that research. To join our team or to donate to our walk, please visit our website HERE. I want to thank you all in advance for helping support the cause. Until next time =)