Thursday, April 7, 2016

17 Month Old TODDLERS

As much as I absolutely HATE to admit it, the kids are looking more and more like toddlers and less like babies. Although they will ALWAYS be my babies.

First time trying suckers

We had another busy month. The kids seem to just pass around sicknesses and colds like crazy. It is one thing after the other, and they are sick again right now. I am hoping that this round doesn't last too long! They are miserable and not sleeping well. Of course that means that we are not sleeping well either. It is so hard to go back to not sleeping well after the kids have been doing so great. Makes for some tired parents.

We had fun celebrating some holidays with the kids this month. Started off with St. Patrick's Day. The kids looked SO CUTE. Next up was Easter. We ended up having the family over to our house for Easter brunch and an egg hunt. I figured the kids would be too young for it, but it turns out they absolutely LOVED it! They had so much fun running around outside and finding eggs. They also got some cute pictures with the Easter bunny (guess who is inside?!). The weather was beautiful, and we had a great day together. Next up was my birthday! Nothing too exciting, but Chris and I got out of the house a bit to go to dinner and a movie. 

Watching Mommy put eggs outside

You cannot imagine how many pictures I took, and this is the best I got.

Dylan and Owen had 2 appointments with the Neonatalogy follow-up clinic for developmental assessments. We started with one appointment, but they were so rotten and screaming the whole time we were there, I ended up having to reschedule. It was definitely the hardest appointment to date. Chris came with me to the second appointment. It went so much better! The kids are doing great and are exactly where they need to be or ahead of schedule as far as their development goes. They were also thrilled about the weight Owen has gained. It was all great news!

We have been able to spend more time outside, which is great. The kids are just dying to get outside every day. They try to escape whenever anyone opens the door. Thus, the locks on the top of the doors. I knew those would come in handy as they got older! They haven't figured out how to open the doors yet, but I know that it is only a matter of time. They are climbing on EVERYTHING. Constantly. Very precarious situations. If Millie had her way, she would just walk off the top of the slide every time she gets up there. I always wonder, what in the world are they thinking?!

For some reason, I don't think that is quite how a gate works.

The kids went to their first birthday party, and it was for some triplet friends! It was at a play cafe, and they had tons of fun. The same day, we went to a multiples event at a trampoline park, and the kids absolutely adored it. Aleah went with us, so Chris and I took turns going to the big kid side to jump with her. Dan & Lori were there for some extra hands which were very much needed! I want to go back and jump again, haha. It was so much fun and reminded me of how much time I used to spend on trampolines when I was younger! Although, I didn't attempt any of the flips and other nonsense I used to do all the time. The last thing I need is a broken bone!

Jackson is our Mr. Smarty Pants. He is getting really great at repeating words when you say them to him. He has said Aleah (or at least his version of it), ball, thank you, please, and about a million other things. He will repeat just about anything you say to him if you ask him too. His little voice is so cute when he is doing it. He can understand just about everything we are saying and can follow directions when we ask him to point to something or to bring us something or to find something. Jackson still likes to pretend he is an only child. He wants all of the attention, and he will do things that are rotten or special tricks so he can get more attention. He constantly keeps me laughing. We are working with Jackson to learn how to jump, and it is so funny to watch him try. Essentially he tries to jump with one foot at a time. He is so proud when he does it, and so are we. Jackson also loves to point at different things and say "this, this." I could just eat it up.

Owen is WALKING! He is doing so great. He walks all over, and is even running and walking backwards now. Didn't take him long to catch on! Owen hardly ever crawls anymore. Owen lights up the room. His smile is just so big, and he is just so sweet. He always looks at you before he does something rotten to see if it is okay or not which I love. Owen thinks it is absolutely hilarious to stand up at the top of their Little Tikes slide. He is just so proud of himself when he gets up there. Owie loves the Pout-Pout fish books. It is funny how they are consistently drawn to something specific even at such a young age. Owen can now point to different family members when you ask him "Where's _________?" Except for he always likes to tease me and point to someone else for mommy! He just cackles away every single time. Owen will just walk up to you and randomly give you these huge open mouth, sloppy kisses. He is such a sweetie pie. Owen has some major upper body strength. He can pull himself up on just about anything- it is crazy! 

Dear Owen, All your siblings are sleeping. Go to sleep.

Oh no!!

Dylan is so adventurous! If we would let him, he would love to be outside exploring all day every day. He throws MAJOR fits when someone goes outside and doesn't take him. He even throws a fit if you open the garage door to throw something away and he doesn't get to go out and explore the garage! He is a crazy man. Dylan is getting much more interactive. He will jibber jabber back and forth and is starting to repeat some words. He is obsessed with balls, and he has such a good throw! We joke that he is going to be a baseball player. Pickles thinks he is a big boy and thinks he can walk up and down the stairs all by himself. He is actually pretty good at it and even alternates his legs- it is amazing! He loves to play chase and be chased around the house. Little booger is QUICK! Dylan blows kisses, but he does it backwards with the backside of his hand instead of his palm. It is so so cute. Dylan is obsessed with electronics, and he is getting pretty good at navigating them. It is amazing what they are able to figure out on an iphone!

Millie can be such a little diva, but she is also so sweet. She is a cuddle bug. When she is in the middle of one of her diva fits (I'll give it to her, she is getting some new teeth), just about the only thing that will calm her down is having you to herself. She loves to just sit on your lap so long as absolutely no boys come even close to her. Millie has also become quite obsessed with the "different" binki that we had. We had one MAM brand binki as compared to their Wubbanubs. Millie loves it. I think she loves it because the boys don't care about it, so they don't try to take it from her. We actually lost it when we went to the trampoline park, and we had to go out and buy a back up! Mills sucks on her toes (gross I know). She has the funniest mannerisms which makes her so fun to watch. She just marches around all the time jibber jabbering to herself. She puffs her chest out like she owns the place (lets be honest, she does). 

I truly love watching our babies grow. They are changing so much and so quick! It is amazing to me how they were all born at the same time, but each one of them develops so differently. They each have their own unique personality quirks and characteristics. It is such a joy to watch and learn from our sweet Waugh-Nuts.

The March for Babies walk is THIS MONTH! Please consider either walking with us or donating to the cause. You can donate to team Waugh-Nuts HERE. This is such a special cause that is near and dear to our hearts. We are fighting for all of the babies that are still to come. Our wish is for every family to experience the happiness and joy we have been able to experience as a result of having our babies to bring home to thrive! Please consider donating or joining the cause!