Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Half-Birthday to our Sweet [and HUGE] 18 Month Olds!

I cannot believe that we are halfway to TWO! Time is flying by. Lately, I have been coming across all of these articles that talk about how quickly time goes. They all really resonate with me (and make me cry). I am ready for time to slow down! I am trying to cherish each and every second with these little beans who are looking more and more like toddlers and less and less like babies every day!
Our crew absolutely LOVES looking out the window

Seriously, how sweet is this!

The crew has learned to get into the ball pit on their own!

They sat and played with this toy together for a VERY long time.

Last month, we got the kiddos and Aleah baptized. It was a great day! Lots of our family joined us at church, and we went to brunch after. The kids did great! I was nervous how it was going to go, but the kids were great. Millie is the only one that made it all the way through the church service, but our church has a little outdoor area that the others were happy to play in until the service was over. We are so blessed to have had our children baptized and to have our family's support.

We have been spending LOTS of time outside! As much as possible. The kids love it! We are in the process of getting a fence for the backyard so they can play outside a little more safely. We added some new toys outside last month- a couple climbers, a sandbox, and a outdoor toy box. There is also a park in our neighborhood that is pretty secluded and away from any roads. Bonus- it is right beside my grandparents' house! We can take the kids there to run. They also absolutely love going on walks in their choo-choo wagon. I think everyone in the neighborhood knows us now because of that wagon!

The boys got the third haircuts! We LOVE Cut n Buzz in our town. She is so quick and so great with the kids. Owen likes it the least, but he does okay. We also got a small haircut for Millie. She had two pieces of hair that were much longer it the back, so we bobbed it off =) My mom and I also took the kids to a local mall and let them play in the play place! They absolutely ADORED it. However, we were sweating and so stressed out trying to keep track of them all! It was a bit crazy, but the kids had fun and that is what matters most.

The March for Babies walk benefiting the March of Dimes was last weekend. The kids had an absolute blast and were super adorable as always. We let them out to run around, and they had so much fun exploring. Best news is that our Waugh-Nut-Quads team raised $1,822 to help support the March of Dimes and the fight against premature birth! Thank you to everyone that supported us for the walk. The walk is always so much fun. If you couldn't join us this year, we hope you will join us next year!

Their shirts say "Oh my Quad!!" hilarious.

Poor kids were wiped out after such a big day!

Everything else this month has been a blur. It has been a busy month for us! I think it will probably be this way for awhile. Never a dull moment!

Oh Jackson. That boy gets more rotten by the minute. He can understand every word that you are saying, and he can have a full-blown conversation with you even though he can't say many words. I can always understand what he is talking about. Jackson is so caring. If someone is crying, he will bring them their binkie. He loves to play with and love on babies and stuffed animals. He pushes them all around the house in a little stroller and gives them bottles. It is adorable. He is finding more and more words, and he says "this" and points at things constantly. Jack can point to many different body parts when you ask him "Where are your _______?" Jackson is a great sleeper and a great eater. He loves to cuddle up on his little couch. He loves his cousin Aleah, and he walks around saying "A-LEE-A"  He will walk up to you just to give you lovins (hugs and kisses). Jackson has such a fun personality, and he loves to make you laugh and laugh at himself.

Our sweet little O. Owen went from not walking to running so quick! He is a wild man. He loves to climb on whatever is around. Owen is finding all sorts of words and will repeat just about anything you say. Just in the last day or two he will say "please" and use it in the right context! It is amazing. Owen has the most hilarious temper. I probably won't think it is hilarious as he gets older unless he grows out of it. He screeches and yells and definitely lets you know he is not happy about the situation! He gets so mad he puts his hands in fists, squeezes them together, and shakes! It is comical. In the past week, we are trying to train Owen to sleep through the night and not wake up to eat (he was still doing 1-2 bottles during the night). The first night was rough. He was up a lot, but Chris held strong (I would have given in in an instant). Last night was much better, so I hope we are headed in the right direction. Owen has gained lots of weight, even though he is still a skinny little guy, so he doesn't actually need the calories in the night anymore. Hopefully he will be sleeping through like his siblings in no time! Owen smiles with his whole face, and it just lights up the room. He adores looking out the window for whoever is coming over or coming home. He is such a sweet and loving little boy.

Mr. Picks. He is such a dare devil!!! Just last night, he was strong enough to bust through the gate at the top of the steps. Luckily, he only rolled down (OMG) about 4 steps and just laughed it off. Nothing seems to phase this guy too much. He will do something or climb on something that he knows is "dangerous" and just look at you like he is so incredibly proud of what he has just accomplished. Dylan LOVES to be outside. He will throw a huge fit if he thinks we are opening the door to go outside and he doesn't get to go. He would explore and run outside all day if we let him. It is definitely his happy place. Out of all the kids, Dylan is probably most likely to go off by himself to play. Although, he is coming out of his shell more and more. He loves to wave bye to me in the morning and blow me kisses. Dylan is the  biggest binkie thief of the bunch. He always has to have at least two (one for his mouth and one to rub in his eye). Dylan is in a phase right now where he LOVES to take off his diaper. More than once he has taken it off and then proceeded to pee on the floor. OMG. I am so not ready for this stage. 

My sweet little girl. She is so sweet, but so opinionated. Especially when it comes to the boys getting into her personal space when she needs some "me" time. This happens frequently in the morning. I can just hear her telling the boys to BACK OFF. It is so funny. Miss Millie is finally getting some hair! We did her first pigtails, and she wears some sort of bow daily. YES! She is still a petite little thing. I definitely think Owen is gaining on her. She is still loving her "funny binkies" which are the MAM brand. Sometimes she will carry around 5 at a time, you know, just in case. Millie has the absolute cutest little wave. She waves with her whole hand, and I could gush over it all day it is so adorable. Mills is also obsessed with two letter "I" magnets that we have. She likes to carry those around also. Millie loves her mommy. She loves her snacks. She hordes her snacks in her hands so she can have some later without the boys eating them all. This girl cracks me up! 

As a little closing note, here is what I am loving right now. Actually I don't think I will ever stop loving it. One of my absolute favorite things is sneaking into their room and watching those sweet little ones sleep. They never wake up. They are just so incredibly sweet and innocent. I love them so so much. I love walking in to get them up in the morning almost just as much. Such sweet little rosey cheeks.