Monday, June 6, 2016

19 Months Strong!

Another month has passed. Time is flying by. We are LOVING all of the warm weather. It is awesome to not have the kids getting sick so frequently, and we love spending time outside. We are loving life right now!

What a HAM!

The kids are officially 19 months. It is hard to believe we are on our way to 2 years! I absolutely LOVE this age. The kids are so inquisitive, and they are always wanting to show you how much they know. They are extremely rotten, too. They climb everywhere and on everything. Our house is SO LOUD! They are constantly talking, yelling, screaming, rambling, whatever it is. 

Creekside Toddler Gang

Snack Rug! They all line up on this rug when it is snack time. Hilarious.

Uhhhhh.... I don't think that is how this toy works.

Feeding their babies

They like their house messy..... (and my house too.)

Climbing all over the couch at Nana Grewell's house

Mommy choo-choo line-up

The boys needed pretties in their hair, too

Our favorite little Miss Aleah graduated preschool this month. It is hard to believe that she is going to be a kindergartner next year! At her graduation, the teacher read out what each child said they wanted to be when they got older. Aleah said she wanted to be a Princess, and she wanted to wear either a pink or a blue dress. It was precious =) We are so proud of that (not so little) girl. 

Uncle Nick also graduated from Miami this year. I took Dylan for a little solo trip with me to the graduation. He loved being solo! It is such a different perspective for them. He got to walk around holding my hand instead of being stuck in the stroller. I went with the flow with what he wanted to do. It is nice to have special times one on one with each kid. We are also thrilled to have Nick home again. Hopefully for good!

We are FINALLY finishing our fence installation this week. The process has been an absolute nightmare to put it mildly, but we are so excited to be able to have a safe space for the kiddos to run around outside. Our backyard is littered with all sorts of kids toys, but we have to constantly chase after the kids who are all running in different directions into the neighbors' yards. This fence is so needed! Can't wait to spend even more time with the kids outside.

She was so mad!!! haha I'm terrible.

Absolutely COVERED in sand
For the past month or so, we have been walking over to my parents for a couple hours on Sundays. The kids love to run around at their house, but it is a chore to keep up with them! There is so much for them to get into there. They love all of the exploring, though, and it is so fun to watch them discover new things.
They LOVE my parents' dog and pretty much any dog we see on walks

Watching the horses

Millie with one of Aleah's little pets
The big Action Jackson! Don't worry, Jackson is still the most rotten of this bunch! He is so defiant and always wants to test his limits. Right now, he loves to throw his food on the floor, even though he has been told no about a million times. He looks you straight in the eye and does it again. But, he is also the sweetest. He is always the first to try to comfort his siblings or bring them a binki when they are upset. He is also such a helper boy. He can understand just about anything you are saying, and he is a people pleaser, so he is happy to help with things or show off new tricks. Jackson is a major snuggler. He is definitely the most likely to just come up to you and want to snuggle. He definitely likes to get all of the attention. If he had his choice, he would be held all day long. Sometimes it is as if there is lava on the floor and his feet just can't touch. Jackson is so strong! He will get a huge bucket completely full of water and carry it across the back yard. I don't know where he gets those muscles from! He is the most rotten and sweetest little guy around. He knows how to work you!

He fell asleep like that on my back =)

Those eyes!

Mr. O. Owen is changing so much! He is such a talker. He will repeat pretty much anything that you say to him. He says Millie, please, Jack, ball, more, bite, thank you, and lots more. Yesterday, he said "Good job Jack!" Repeating, of course, but I was impressed! Owen is an eating machine these days. He is almost always the last one still in his seat eating, and he often cleans his plate. Owen runs around, climbs, and gets into other crazy things just as much as his siblings now. When he does something that he knows is rotten, he will look at you first to see if you are going to stop him or not. He gets this big grin like he knows that he shouldn't be doing it, but he is just going to test his limits anyway. Such a stinker! If I tell one of the other kids no, Owen will stick his finger out and say "no, no, no, no!" and shake his finger at them. It is hilarious. Owen is FINALLY sleeping through the night (for the most part). We don't feed him in the middle of the night anymore, and he has been doing so great. It took a couple weeks to break that habit, but we are so happy he figured it out. Owen CHIPPED HIS FRONT TOOTH this month! What the heck. We have no idea how he did it, but there is a little corner chip on his front tooth. WHYYYY lol. It is always something! We love our sweet little Owie Kabowie though, chipped tooth and all =)

Poor little guy was sick. Needed daddy snuggles.

Look at that little form =)

Look at that grin!

Pickles is such a smart little guy. He absolutely LOVES to read. He will bring books to you all day long to read. He particularly loves books about trucks, boats, cars, trains, or other machines. Dylan also loves all of those things in person. He runs around the house all day yelling DUMP TRUCK! It doesn't really sound like dump truck too much, but that is what it is. Dylan loves to explore. If he could be outside all day long, he would. He is also the most likely child to run to the front yard or into the neighbors' yards when we are outside. He loves rocks, big or small. He picks them up and carries them all around. We find them all over the yard outside. Dylan has the sweetest little chicklet teeth. He does these huge grins where his little nose wrinkles up and his teeth stick out. Makes him look like a little rabbit. It is adorable. Dylan runs SO FAST. He is obsessed with the pond at my parents' house, which is scary. He would dive in if we would let him. Dylan still loves to have multiple binkis so he can put one (or more) in his eye. It is adorable. We love our sweet boy.

looks comfy

love this little rabbit grin

Our little princess Millie Kaye. This girl is such a girly girl! She loves playing with babies and animals. She also loves when she gets her hands on some of Aleah's little toys. Millie is always hoarding her snacks. Whenever we put the snacks out, she always goes and grabs whole handfuls and just carries them around the house. I think she is afraid that if she doesn't grab them up, the boys will get them all! Millie girl is finally getting enough hair for bows every day. She loves getting her hair done every day. We call it getting her pretties done =) She also loves to get her toenails painted. For how crazy she is most of the time, it is amazing she will sit still long enough to let them dry. She does, though! Millie is very particular about lots of things. She wants either Chris, my dad, or I to feed her before bed. She definitely still has some stranger danger. She is very clingy when she is around anyone she isn't sure of. Millie does love her Uncle Nick though. Mills is still our tiniest little bean, but it seems like she is getting much taller. We love our sweet girl. 

Tough Stuff!

Thanks for keeping up with the Waugh family! We enjoy running into someone that has kept up with all the crazy that is our life. So nice to meet everyone "in real life." Hope you all have a fabulous month and enjoy this summer weather!