Thursday, July 7, 2016

Loving the Beach (20 Months)

What a month! We have been so busy and on the road so much. The kids have handled it all like champs. They are seeming (and looking) SO OLD! It is so sad for this mommy. Trying to cherish all of these moments and not get too stressed about the hustle and bustle (easier said than done for me because I am VERY type A controlling). 
The month started with a day trip to the zoo with Aleah's preschool class. The kids did such a fabulous job! It was such a different experience from last year. The kids enjoyed themselves, and we got lots and lots of onlookers. It was kind of funny because most people commented about how cool the wagon was instead of the kids inside of it! That was a bit of a change. The kids loved feeding the giraffes. Owen loved that most, which was interesting! 

Our fence is FINALLY finished!!!! We are in love, and the kids enjoy being out back so much more now. They seem to play more now that they aren't as focused on escaping. It has been great! Next we need to do a patio and possibly some sort of awning or large umbrella. It is so hot/sunny out there some afternoons!
Poor Millie. Daddy got WAY too much sunscreen!

We spent a weekend at the river with Chris' family before we went on vacation. It was great! The kids have a zone down there so they can't escape, and so far it is working out great. They have lots of room to roam without being able to roam away. They love being there!
Picky fell asleep so quick on the boat!

Look at that tan!!

We also had a play date with our neighbor friends that same weekend. The kids all played outside in the water, we ordered pizza, and a couple of the kiddos had their first popsicle. Thank you to our friends and neighbors for hosting!

We spent a week at Sunset Beach with my whole family. The kids had an absolute blast. This year's vacation went 5000 million percent better than last year. The kids loved the water, sand, and all around adventure. It was great, and they were so much fun. We made a play area for them under the beach house with some temporary construction fencing. We also had some construction fencing down at the beach, although we did not use that as much. Thank you so so much to my best friend Alyson for coming on the trip with us and helping so much with the kiddos. We could not have done it without her! Also thank you to my parents and grandparents for helping to wrangle the kids at the beach so much. The kids did great for the car rides also- aside from getting a bit carsick. Luckily, a bought some dramamine to take with us, and it worked like a charm!!

Millie was a total lounge queen in this wagon! The wagon was great, BTW.

Many catnaps were had in this wagon walking on the beach.

Look at all those limbs!! haha

wiped out x 4

The whole fam!

The only way to travel to the beach

The kiddos are so so funny. Anytime it is snack time (and we are on the main level), they all go sit on the "snack rug" to eat their snacks. At least it helps contain the mess!

We had a busy 4th of July weekend! We headed to the river again for the weekend with Chris' family. The kids really enjoyed themselves! They also seemed to warm up a lot more to all of the relatives that they don't see as often which was great. They took a boat ride and also their first waverunner ride. Don't worry, that thing was hardly moving at all. They saw their daddy on their though, and they were going bonkers to go out with him. Dylan was so cute. Anytime Chris would go far out onto the water (by himself while we were watching), Dylan would get scared and start crying. Poor guy was so nervous! He was the most excited to do it, but the most nervous when he tried. Millie probably liked it the most! When we got back on Monday, we had a cookout with my family.

Millie the trick-rider

Tiffany took this cute picture of Jackson. He wouldn't go to bed, so he was up way later than the kiddos. 
She said he was thinking, "Put me in coach!" Too cute.

Now we are getting really creative!

Oh Owen. Woke up every night and had to get in our bed to go back to sleep. He does not do this at home! What a turkey.

It rained a lot last weekend, so there were finally some puddles for the kiddos to try out their rain boots! They thought it was hilarious. And we all thought it was hilarious because they couldn't walk very well in them. They were tripping all over themselves. We got some cute pictures though =) Still waiting for some actual rain so they can test their umbrellas.

Jackson is so attached to me right now! He wants me to hold him, and he does not want any of the other kids around. This really amped up after I spent the 10 days with them on vacation. Poor guy does not want to accept that he is a quadruplet. Jackson is such a helper these days. He can understand most things, and he can grab things for you, help clean up, etc. He is such a sweetie. If one of his siblings is crying, he often goes and get them a binki to help make them feel better. He is constantly giving diving hugs. It comes out of no where, and all of a sudden he knocks you over with a huge diving hug. He is very loving, and often loves on his siblings. Jackson loved all parts of the beach, but he really loved laying on his stomach in the little pools of water that would form at low tide. He adores his sunglasses. He will keep them on all day, and he actually gets upset if they fall off and he can't get them back on. Jackson has found lots and lots of words, and seems to be talking more and more by the day. It is so neat to watch their minds work every day learning new things!

Owen is a talking fool!!! He has definitely found the  most words of the bunch. He will repeat just about anything that you say. His little voice is so sweet. Just this morning, I asked him how old he was and he held up his finger and said one. STOP GROWING UP!!! Owen loves to play with their train set. Only problem is that the other kids destroy the track so fast he can't play for long! He is getting so big, and is not looking quite as little compared to the other boys as he used to. His one leg seems to be bowing out a little bit. We are giving him some extra vitamin D because his levels were on the low side of normal. Going to recheck in 2 months. Hopefully things straighten out before then. Owen still does his screeching, although it is not nearly as often. Owen loved the beach, but he was a bit skeptical at first. Just took a quick little walk out to the waves with his momma, and he was in love! Owen is such a sweet little guy, and he has a grin (chipped tooth and all), that could make you melt.

Rotten as an egg! This kiddo is always into something. He loves to go exploring, even on his own, more than all of the other kiddos combined! He was definitely most likely to take off running down the beach. Doesn't care if anyone is coming with him or watching him at all. He has a funny sense of humor. He will do something that he thinks is funny, wait for you to look over at what he is doing, and then grin the biggest grin you have ever seen. He scrunches his whole face up and gives you a good look at his perfect little rabbit teeth. Dylan is also the most likely to be able to escape "baby jail" no matter what kind it is. He goes under, over, through, whatever it takes to go explore someplace new. Dylan is definitely the most likely to go off somewhere or play with something on his own. He absolutely LOVES to read. He will bring you book after book to read. He is starting to point to things in the books much more now, and he will "read" (talk jibberish to himself) on his own while looking through books. It is so sweet. Dylan talks in full sentences. Typically, you can't understand a word he is saying, but he definitely has a lot to say and talks all day long. He has the most beautiful and soft skin. Have I said that before? I am jealous!

Mills Peak. This girl is NUTTY! She is always such a spazoid. She does this funny little crab walk everywhere that always makes everyone laugh. She has the best sense of humor. It is a very adult sense of humor, and her daddy really thinks she is hilarious. Millie is the most violent of the bunch. She has no qualms about hitting, biting, throwing toys, throwing cups, etc. Time outs don't seem to matter too much. She usually acts out when she isn't getting her way, someone takes a toy or won't give her a toy she wants, someone takes her snack, etc. She always apologizes though and gives love when she gets out of time out. She knows exactly what she is doing, she gives you that look! She laughs as she does it or when she realizes shes been caught. I cannot even imagine what the teenage years are going to be like with this girl. Millie is still the most timid with strangers. She would most definitely prefer to have one of her top people with her instead of someone new. She gets quite terrified actually if you leave the room and one of her "top people" aren't there with her. Girlfriend is finally getting a pretty decent amount of hair. Not too thick (hopefully that changes), but at least it is coming in now! Millie LOVES baby dolls (she carries them around everywhere), clothes, getting her hair done, painting her toes, and pretty much all things girly. I am so glad I got a girly girl out of this bunch!


Snuggling her fox in the car

She loves oreos (wonder where she gets that from!)

Thanks for keeping up with us. I can't believe it, but I am already starting to plan these kiddos 2nd birthday party! Where is the time going. Until next month!

Dog pile!!

tickling piggies

our haul from the neighborhood garage sale. we had already taken 2 loads home.