Monday, August 8, 2016

21 Months and Counting

21 Months?! You have got to be kidding me. Pretty soon, I think I am going to be forced to stop counting their age by the month. That means they are getting old. Too fast. It is terrifying!!! We are planning a 2nd birthday party.

Morning fun with mommy =)

Last month, we had another play date with some of our quad friends! They are about a year older than ours, and it is such a huge difference! Dylan kept trying to love on the girls. So fun to watch them interact with each other! 

We also had some fun at a local park that the kiddos had never been to before. It was nice because it is kind of away from everything else, so the kids couldn't go running into traffic! It is the important things. They all loved exploring! The park also had an awesome swing where the kids sat across from me so we could swing at the same time. They loved it!

We took another trip to the river to visit with Chris' family. We got to meet the newest edition to the family- Baby Stella. The boys LOVED the baby. They were kissing and loving all over her. Millie wasn't as sure which is funny because she is obsessed with baby dolls. The kids went on a longer jet ski ride, and Owen even went tubing! We had a great weekend. 

It is so fun to see how the kids are interacting with each other. Of course they fight and torture each other at times, but they also love each other fiercely. We are in such a unique situation, and I love to be able to witness how these kids learn more about each other and enjoy being around each other. One of my biggest goals as mommy to these monsters is to nurture their bond with each other so they are always best friends and can always depend on each other. 

The latest edition of the biker gang

My little love. Jackson is just a lover. He loves his siblings, he loves his binki, he loves his mommy and daddy, and he loves everything so strongly. Sometimes, it is almost too much! He wants to cuddle and love so much that he gets extremely frustrated if something (or someone) comes between him and his cuddling. He wants his mommy/daddy/grandma/etc. to himself!!! Jackson is definitely having the most "conversations" and talking the most. He is understanding more and more, and he can very easily answer questions or understand what you are asking him to do. He can also now clearly understand, "Jackie, if you do that you are going to go in time out!" hahaha. So rotten.

What a ham! Owen takes the cutest pictures (proof below). Something about that little grin! He can also give looks that could kill. I call it the death stare. No clue where he gets that from! Owen absolutely loves trains. We have a train table in the basement, and he will play with it forever. He wants the tracks set up every day. I feel so bad for him because every time they get all set up and he is playing the other kids always tear them down! It is a struggle. Owen has an appointment this week with the orthopedic doctor so we can get some more answers about the curvature in his legs. More on that next month! Owen is a pretty big talker too, but he still maintains a good pterodactyl screech =)

My rosey cheek little guy. Dylan is SO TAN! That is usually the first thing everyone comments on when they see him. I swear we slather him in sunscreen whenever he is outside. He is just blessed with good skin, I guess! Dylan is talking so much more than he was last month. He has always been a talker, but you just couldn't understand a word he was saying. Now, we can understand what he is saying a lot more, and he is being more intentional with his speaking and words. It is so sweet to watch. Dylan absolutely loves balls, and he has the best arm I have seen from a toddler. Maybe we have a baseball player in our future! The last month has been ROUGH for Dylan with his teeth. He got all 4 pointy teeth within about 1.5-2 weeks. He was the first to get them all, and I am so glad he is doing better and back to his normal self.

My crazy, crazy girl. Millie has become much more loving over the last month. She is much more likely to snuggle now than she was a month ago. Millie loves all things girly. Babies, barbies, stuffed animals, etc. Her hair is growing like crazy- finally! I am just hoping it get a little thicker. She frequently has crazy hair days now which is adorable. Millie is the funniest kid. She does what she wants, when she wants without too much care about what is going on around her. She knows she is funny too because she will just give you this look like, hey do you see what I am up to over here?! Millie has been getting some teeth this month too, so she hasn't been eating much. She is definitely still our peanut!

What I am loving this month: rompers. There is not more that I love more than those sweet little babes in a romper. I am so sad that this will probably be the end of the rompers for the boys. They just look so sweet in them! Helps to keep them looking little. I am hanging on to every last drop of those cute chubby legs in those rompers =)