Wednesday, September 7, 2016

22 Month Old Waugh-Nuts

What a busy month we have had!! Another vacation, kids to the river, an out of town wedding, and the list goes on. It has been a whirlwind! The kids are keeping up with the crazy for the most part.

We went to Hilton Head for a week with Chris' family. It was great. We had a house that had the perfect room for the kiddos. Big enough for them to sleep and have all of their toys in there. We were just a short walk down a path to the beach, and the house also had a pool. I was so nervous about the pool with the kids, but they did great! Dan and Lori got them these great floaties that allowed them to float around the pool without us holding onto them the whole time. We also did bikes that pulled the double trailer behind which was really fun! There was a splash pad close by, and we went there a couple times. Jackson LOVED the splash pad. He would have stayed there all day. We also went to a park and to go get ice cream which was a first for the kiddos. They didn't know quite what to think at first, but, by the end, they were covered. The kids did much better at the beach this time too because they were not constantly running in 4 different directions. We took some shovels to make some pools and castles on the beach, and I think that held their attention pretty well. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves, too, so I think that helped! We had a great week with family =)

Going in for the big hug

Matching sunnies with Uncle Al

Look at those perfect little chicklet teeth

Miss Aleah started kindergarten this month!! I cannot even believe that she is old enough to be going to school. She has been pretty tight-lipped about the whole experience, but it seems like she is liking it. We are so proud of her!

We have had all sorts of fun getting out of the house this month. We went to the Southwestern City Schools Education Foundation's Back to School BBQ to help raise money for grants and pay-to-play programs. We went to visit our Nana who is STILL having to stay home with her broken leg. We took lots of walks, and went on a playdate with some multiples friends to a new (to us) park in town. 

Watching daddy with the weed eater

Hello Uncle Nick!

Watching their washcloths open- magical!

Graddad with his great-grandsons

Just chillin

Every time we go to my grandma's house, she gives the kids oatmeal cream pies. They go absolutely crazy for them. I think last time they ate 5!!!!! It is a special treat when they go there, and they have caught on!

I have become quite good a coming up with new train track configurations

Aleah got to ride on an airplane!

Now, that is a play date!

I think they missed their momma after I was gone at the wedding =)

We also celebrated my cousin Lyndsay and her husband Jason's wedding this month! I was a bridesmaid, and it was so much fun. It was nice to have a little break and get some girl time. Congratulations to the love birds =)

Jackson is talking up a storm!!! It is pretty much just like having a parrot follow you around all day. His favorite thing to talk about is poop. Big poop, little poop, poop ALL DAY LONG. Definitely feeling like a boy mom. Jackson always wants more attention. Doesn't matter how much he is already getting, he wants it ALL! If one of the other kids is doing something, he has to be doing it too. Jackson is such a lover. He gives lots of hugs and kisses. He has started just walking up to people and laying a kiss on them. Of course, that gets him lots of good reactions which he loves. Jackson is quite the swimmer. He loved jumping in the pool and swimming around. We love this sweet little boy!

Mr. Owen had his follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this month. The doctor said everything was good! He does have some bowing in his legs, but it should correct itself by the time he turns 4. That was some great news! Owen LOVES to dance. As soon as he hears music, he starts groovin. He has the same dance moves as his dad (read: chicken dance). Owen has been mommy's little cuddle bug lately. Normally, he goes for daddy, so I have loved that. Owen loves to be tossed around, hang upside down, a crazy things like that. I think he is officially the shortest, although he does still weigh more than Millie. He has gotten so blonde this summer! Looks so cute with his tan skin. The kids all get so tan it is crazy! Owen can still screech with the best of them, although I think it is getting a little less high-pitched (finally). We love our sweet little Owie!

Dylan is so independent. He is definitely not afraid of separating from the pack to do what he wants to do. His favorite thing is to go on adventures and explore something new, especially if it is outside. Dylan has a special skill- he can make himself burp. It is so funny, although we try not to laugh. The other kids all think it is hilarious! Dylan is still an eating machine. Maybe that is why is burps so much! He can put down so much food. I cannot imagine what it will be like when he is a teenager. Dylan is such a love bug. He will walk up to complete strangers and give them a hug and kiss. He will hug on his siblings for so long that they start retaliating and try to tackle him down! Dylan also likes to let the other kids torture him. They will tackle him, tickle him, sit on him, whatever, and Dylan just loves the attention and cracks up the whole time. It is so adorable. Dylan is talking so much more now. We can't always understand him, but he tells a heck of a story! Such a sweet little love bug.

My Millie girl is more funny than ever. She has this little evil laugh that she does which always makes everyone around her crack up. She has very adult humor for such a small little thing. Millie is such a girly girl. She loves babies, barbies, and stuffed animals. She loves picking out her clothes and getting dressed, painting her nails, and getting her hair done. Millie is typically a momma's girl, although sometimes she will surprise us and want nothing but her dad. She is so so petite,  but she it getting taller! Her legs are getting so long, and she has the longest, skinniest fingers I have ever seen on a baby (yes, she is still a baby). She finally has enough hair for little pig tails! I absolutely adore them, although they make her look so much older. I love nothing more than hearing her cute little chuckle.