Sunday, October 9, 2016

One More Month til TWO!

I cannot believe we have only one more month to TWO! The kiddos are getting more and more fun. They loved going on adventures and getting to do new things. We have so much fun with them watching them explore and learn. Yes, these kids are a lot of hard work, but they are such a blessing! Not many people get the opportunity to watch four little ones grow and learn at the same time. We love our little beans so much.

So sweet!

They were all trying out Millie's binkis. They thought it was hilarious.

Trash day is a big day in the Waugh house!

The aftermath of morning play

Arts in the Alley parade

I absolutely love it when they hold hands

The kids go to the park often. We have a lot of parks near our house, so we walk over all the time. My mom and Barb (our nanny) take them to the park while we are at work, too. It is great to get them out and let them run around. They are running off WAY less frequently than they used to. So, it is usually lots of fun.

With all the rains last week, we had lots of muddy puddles to jump in. The kiddos had a blast. It got a bit messy, but that is all the fun! 

We took a day trip to my grandparents' land in Hocking Hills. I didn't know how the kids would react, but they absolutely loved it! I couldn't believe how well they were able to hike up the hills. They did great! We had so much fun. The kids hiked up 2 big hills, we stopped off at a cave, explored the stream, and played in the fields. Can't wait to go back after winter!

We also went to explore the newest Metro Park which is in Grove City. The kids love hiking! It was fun. I wish the playground there had more options for smaller kids. The one they have seems like a death trap! Even Aleah was too scared to climb to the top. We had a great time though =)

We took a fun family trip to Circle S Farms to go pumpkin picking. We met our neighbors there, and the kiddies all had a great time. We played in the hay barn, had doughnuts, jumped in puddles, went through the maze, saw some animals, and picked out pumpkins. Everyone had a blast! Now, we just have to carve our pumpkins.

I got some Orbeez for the kiddies to try out. We waited awhile because we thought they might try to eat them. They still tried to eat them at first, but they got over that quickly. I have never heard the kiddies be so quiet while awake! They were mesmerized. 

I still stay home on Fridays. We always try to plan something fun to do with the kids. This month, we went to the pet store, had a play date, went to the mall to play, went to Nana Grewell's house, and took a couple trips to Massey's for pizza.

My sweet Jackson. He has been a lot less clingy and whiny this month. He is such a lover. Jack is always the first to give a kiss or a hug. He gives big running, diving hugs that will just melt you. He always likes to snuggle right before bed too. He lays his little head on your shoulder and snuggles in for some lovins before bed. Jackson is a talking machine. He repeats just about everything that we say like a little parrot. 

My sweet little guy. Owen is such a little weasel. He loves to tease you by doing exactly the opposite of what you want him to do. Owen is a talking machine also. He repeats most anything. My favorite word that he says is "hello." It is absolutely the sweetest little sound. Owen has had a rough time sleeping at night again this month, but (fingers crossed), it has been better the past few days. 

look at those prunes!

My little squishy love. Dylan is HUGE! He is outgrowing the other boys quick. He looks a full 6 months to a year bigger than Owen. I may have boys in 3 different sizes at this rate. Dylan is talking a lot, too. His favorite word: Binki. That boy loves his binkis. He may go to college with binkis in both hands (and one in his mouth). Dylan is always running! I don't know how that boy is so squishy because he is constantly on the move exploring. Although, he does eat like crazy too =)

You could say Dylan ate the whole chicken wing....

Oh my crazy Millie girl. Millie has been a momma's baby this past week which I just love. Millie is talking the least of the bunch, but she is doing better! She does lots of jibber jabber, but not a lot of words. Her favorite word is baby, and she absolutely loves everything to do with babies. Millie is a crazy lady. She definitely keeps those brother of hers in line. Millie has the most funny little run. She looks like a crab! It is hilarious. 

Millie loves to put my shoes on! She actually walks great in them.

I cannot believe that next month we will have TWO year olds. Thank you for keeping up with our family for over 2 years. We so appreciate it!