Saturday, November 19, 2016

Four TWO Year Olds!

What a month it has been!! Of course, the biggest part of which was watching our four munchkins turn two. Can you believe it?! I can't. The babies (yes, they will always be my babies) really enjoyed their birthday this year. I think they loved the balloons the most, but they also got really excited opening gifts and eating some sweet treats. Thank you to everyone that came!! We had a farm theme: "Oink, Moo, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, the Waugh Quadruplets are Turning Two!" Who knew the kids loved farm stuff so much! Ever since, they have been obsessed with their play barn, animals, tractors, etc. It was definitely a birthday and party to remember.

Last month, Millie had a couple of special adventures. She went for a girls day to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend Alyson. It was a long day for Mills, but she was so good! Millie also got to go on a special trip to the American Girl store with mommy and daddy to pick out a baby for her birthday. She got a Bitty Baby, and she loves it! She is obsessed with all things baby, so we thought this would be perfect for her. It was!! That store was complete bliss for Miss Millie.

We also spent a lot of time outside last month soaking up the last that summer had to offer. The weather has been very mild which has been great! Any time we can get outside with the littles it helps tremendously to break up the day and do something different. 

Can you imagine trying to get professional photos with four 2 year olds? It is pure craziness. Last month, we got the kids' two year photos taken with Sarah Shambaugh. Millie was in major diva mode for the session. She wanted nothing to do with sitting still, looking at the camera, keeping her shoes on, participating at all, etc. The whole thing was exhausting!! Somehow, we still managed to get some great shots that we will treasure forever.

My littlest lala turned 6!! The kids had so much fun at her birthday party. I cannot believe that she is 6! We are going to go see Cinderella the musical this month to celebrate. Aleah was in her element at her party with all of her friends there. She melts my heart.

My mom and I always try to do something special or fun with the kids on Fridays when I am home from work. Last month, we took the kids to Amy's Donuts and the library. We also did some painting and finger painting. My dad even took the kids on a playdate with me one Friday. We are always up to something!

We had our first stitches!! Poor Dylan. If you would have told me someone had to get stitches, I would have bet that it was Dylan. He is such the adventurer!! This time, he jumped off a toy and landed on a bookshelf corner. Two stitches on the top of his head. He was such a trooper. Hardly cried at all. In fact, he was quite thrilled to have his mommy and daddy to himself for awhile. 

We had a great Halloween! First, we took the kids to a trunk or treat at church. It was a complete disaster. There wasn't much for the kids to do, and they were having nothing of the costumes or lines to go through. We packed up early and headed out. You win some you lose some. The next night was trick or treat, and what a turn around! The kids had a blast. We walked around one block which was plenty for the kids. Millie loved it the most. She would wait around for a second piece of candy a lot of the time. One house gave out Cheryl's cookies, and when the kids saw those, it was all over. They wanted them RIGHT NOW. I told them to sit in the grass so I could open them, but instead they all plopped down right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was too cute.

Jackson is such a little pip. He is such a happy and cuddly little boy. He is talking up a storm and always surprising us with the new words he knows. The first one he really surprised me with was backwords. That is a big word for such a little guy!! Jackson is a momma/nina/grandma's boy. Whatever female is around at the moment, that is who he wants! He is definitely not whining as much as he used to which is so nice. Jackson is 34 inches (31.7 percentile) and weighs 29.2 pounds (77.5 percentile). 

Owen is so rotten!! He was always our rule follower, but this month he has turned to the dark side. He has been in timeout more in the past week than in the past few months combined!! Owen has such a temper and just screeches if he is not getting his way. I am trying to teach him to just tell me what he wants instead of screeching since he is able to talk a lot more now. I'm hoping he catches on to the concept sooner rather than later! Owen has the most hilarious facial expressions. You can see some of them throughout these pictures. They are such adult expressions and so funny. Owen is 33 inches tall (9.5 percentile) and weighs 24.4 pounds (20.7 percentile). He is still our little guy, but he has caught up so much in the past year!

Little Dill Picky. Dylan is SO HUGE. He seems to be growing like a weed. His little teeth are still so white and just the perfect little chicklets. Dylan is a beast as far as gross motor skills go. He also STILL pees out of his diaper almost nightly (even with the extra pads in the overnight diapers). He will hate me for that share later in life =) Dylan is a talking machine. He absolutely loves to read and will sit on your lap for hours reading books if you let him. He has gone back to throwing too many fits in the past month. He will get so frustrated and upset over the smallest thing. Dylan is 35.5 inches tall (77.9 percentile) and weighs 30.6 pounds (87.8 percentile).

Millie girl has changed so much in the past month. She was pretty much refusing to talk at all, even though we knew she could understand everything we were saying. Well, in the last month she has all but caught up to the boys as far as talking goes. It has amazed me how quickly the words have come for her! Millie is 100% obsessed with babies. You can frequently find her carrying multiple babies around at the same time. Wonder where she gets that from! Millie is still so funny, and she has the most hilarious mannerisms. She is a tiny little peanut, and we sometimes have a hard time getting her to eat enough. Millie is 33 inches tall (21.1 percentile) and weighs 22.2 pounds (14.1 percentile). She is a string bean and has the skinniest legs. She also has the longest tongue of any toddler I have ever seen. 

Thank you all so much for continuing to follow our journey!