Thursday, September 25, 2014

26 Weeks and Breathing a Little Easier

Hello to All!
Well, we made it to 26 weeks!!!  We are thrilled, and so are the doctors.  The next goal is 28 weeks, but we will take every day we can get.  At 26 weeks, the babies are much more developed in their lungs, eyes, and ears.  We aren't out of the dark (I don't think you ever are with ANY pregnancy), but we are feeling much better at this point than we were 3 1/2 weeks ago- that is for sure.  We had our bi-weekly growth ultrasound yesterday, and luckily, Chris, my mom, and my dad were able to make it up to the hospital to be here for it!  Here are some pictures-
Another family picture!! I didn't think this was possible, but our ultrasound tech was good. All 4 baby heads!

Baby A

Baby B- I love her tiny little button nose!

Baby C- He is getting harder and harder to see as he moves backward.

Baby D

A picture my dad snapped during the ultrasound (I was turned around looking at the tv screen)

Everything looked great at the ultrasound.  Baby A weighs 1 lb 15 oz.  Baby B (girl) weighs 1 lb 10 oz.  Baby C weighs 1 lb 12 oz.  Baby D weighs 1 lb 14 oz.  The doctors are VERY pleased with their growth and how the ultrasounds look.  The are each still right around the 50th percentile for weight based one SINGLETON pregnancies which is very exciting.  The difference between the smallest (Baby B) and biggest (Baby A) is only about 15% which is also really great.  Overall, we were thrilled about how the ultrasound went.  Getting ever closer to 2 pounds each, and they start growing faster from here on out, so that is great!  If I last until 30 weeks, they would weigh about 3 pounds each (estimated).

Hospital life is the same as reported before.  I started One Tree Hill from the beginning on Netflix- major flashback to high school!  But it is a mindless show and it has lots of episodes, so I approve.  I am also glad that new fall tv shows started up to fill my nights!  I also got a pedicure today (much needed).  Thank you to Brandie for coming to see me at the hospital!! Life has continued outside these doors, so here are a couple pictures of some of my favorite people =)

Chris and my Dad out for a guys night with my Uncle Mark!

Aleah picking pumpkins out of the garden at our house

Last but not least- my belly picture at 25 weeks 6 days (yesterday)

Hope you all enjoyed!  A lot shorter and less bossy than my last post ;)

Thank you all for your support, thoughts, and prayers!! We are so grateful to have all of you be a part of this journey.  Also, thank you to everyone that has sent cards, flowers, gifts, and other things.  Each time I receive mail it brightens my dad immensely! You all are the best.

Enjoy this beautiful week, and GO BUCKS!

Friday, September 19, 2014

25 Weeks and Counting!

Hello Outside World!

I don't really have much to report except that I am still pregnant, and I reached 25 Weeks 1 Day today!  Every day counts with these little ones.  Getting past the 24 week mark (along with their beyond awesome weights) gives the Waugh-Nuts a much better chance at a healthy survival.  This week, my body is working on growing and further developing the lungs, eyes, and ears of the babies as well as fattening them up! =)

Since I do not have too much to report (we only do the ultrasounds every 2 weeks and I literally do nothing all day), I thought that I would give you all the low-down on hospital life as well as share with all of you some of the "rules" we will have to live by once the babies arrive.  PS- To all you Grove City-ians, let me just say I am beyond jealous of you all going to Arts in the Alley this weekend.  Please eat some chicken noodles and a corn dog for me! =)  Watch for my dad in the "Chris Roach Real Estate" firetruck in the parade!

One of the many things my awesome friends and family have sent me to lift my spirits.  Thank you ALL so much for all of the cards and gifts you have sent.  I will treasure them forever!

Chris hanging out with Aleah at home

Could she be any cuter?

Hospital Life

Well, it is not all that exciting, but I watch a lot of Netflix!  The Doctors and Nurses taking care of me at OSU are awesome.  They are very supportive and encouraging and keep me company when Chris and my fam can't be here.  The first doctors come in in the morning between 6:00-6:30 to check how my night went and see if there are any changes.  From then on it is a steady stream of doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel for the rest of the day.  In a typical day, I usually see a doctor that works in my regular OB's practice, a team of 5-6 high risk doctors that work with my high risk doctor, the nurses throughout the day, nutritionists, people taking my meal orders for the day, the people that clean the room each day, etc.  I have also met with pediatricians that work in the NICU, hospital management people,  and I can't even remember who else!  As you can see, it is a little crazy.  I also take more medicine each day than I would normally probably take in a month at home.  Lots of vitamins and folic acid to keep growing these babies!  Just yesterday, the switched me from having to do the contraction monitor 3 times each day to doing it just 2 times each day.  I keep the monitor on for an hour each time.  For the most part, just irritability shows up, but sometimes a contraction or two will show up on the monitor.  That is expected though with how huge I am!  I also get a limited ultrasound every, single, day, to check the for the heartbeats of each baby.  Since there are 4 babies, it is easier to just do the ultrasound to find the heartbeats than to try to use the monitor to do so.

For the most part, I lay in my hospital bed on my side all day every day.  I am only allowed up to go to the bathroom and to take a shower (sitting down, every other day).  Living the dream I tell you!  Because I am laying all day, I have a high risk for blood clots which is not good.  So, I have to wear these horrible compression boot things on my legs (all day and night) that hook up to a machine that pumps air into the boots to stimulate my leg muscles and get my blood in my legs circulating.  I can definitely tell I am getting more out of shape by the day!  It is much harder to lay in bed all day every day than you would think.  My body is definitely sore, but it is getting more used to it by the day (with the help of heat packs).  I am lucky to have a private room though, so that is a major plus.  The room is all decorated with artwork from Aleah and some of the decorations from my shower.  I pretty much watch Netflix or read all day.  I find that starting a series with lots of seasons makes the days go faster.

Feasting on some Roosters my dad brought me! (attractive, I know)

I have only left the room two times since I've been here (almost 3 weeks).  If/when I do leave, I have to be wheeled around in a wheelchair.  The first time I escaped was to go to the room on this floor of the hospital that has the high tech ultrasound machines to get my growth ultrasound last week.  And yesterday, the doctors pretty much ordered me to go on a short wheelchair ride outside as a reward to my body for making it to 25 weeks!  Chris wheeled me out, and it literally felt like I was breaking out of jail!  I was only outside for about 10 minutes, but it was glorious =)

25 Weeks!

Wheelchair Ride

Some funny stories (at least they entertain me)-  I pretty much cannot bend anymore.  So, every single time I want to take the leg compression boots off or put them back on (every time I have to go to the bathroom which is like every 5 seconds it seems), I have to call the nurses to help me because I can't reach!  Ugh, how embarrassing!  Also, this means I cannot reach to shave my legs!  So, my momma and I came up with the genius idea to use a men's electric razor to shave them.  So, my mom is now a pro at shaving my legs with a men's electric razor.  All vanity has left the building for me!  Since I am bedridden, I can't do anything with my hair except for put it up wet in a bun on the top of my head.  Also, I can't put any  makeup on.  I'm looking like a regular old troll these days!

But even with all of this, I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep growing these babies.  They say that every one day they can stay inside growing is 2 days that the babies do not have to be in the NICU growing.  I will take those numbers!  I would much rather it be me in the hospital than the babies in the hospital.  I will do whatever it takes =)

Guidelines we will Live by when the Babies Arrive

So, everything that follows will probably seem crazy to a lot of you, but, for the most part, everything we are going to do has been suggested or mandated by our doctors or pediatricians to keep the babies healthy once they arrive.  We sent this information out in an email to our family awhile back, but now that we have reached 25 weeks, I figured I would share with everyone.  Here is what we sent out:

Hello Family and Friends,

We are so happy and grateful to have each of you in our lives to support us during this crazy journey.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many people that care for us enough to send their loving thoughts and prayers every day.  Especially with how public all of our updates have been, we know that you all and many others are excitedly anticipating the arrival of the Waugh-Nuts.  So many people have already offered their assistance to help care for them upon their arrival, and it thrills us that you all want to take such a roll in their lives.

That being said, there are many precautions and restrictions we are going to have to undertake because the babies will be so fragile and small upon their arrival.  Many of these restrictions come from the hospital and especially from the NICU.  Some restrictions come from ideas that other quad moms had that helped to keep their babies healthy and out of the hospital when it was time for them to come home.

  • ·         During the first 2 weeks after the babies are born, it is unlikely they will be able to have any visitors except for Chris and I.  It is unlikely that Chris and I will even be able to touch them at this stage.  This, of course, depends on their development at birth.
  • ·         From November 1 through April 30 (flu season), the hospital does not allow any visitors to the NICU except for parents and grandparents.  Because the babies will likely be born sometime around this time, it is unlikely that anyone besides Chris and I and our parents will be able to visit or even see the babies (except through pictures) until they come home (likely sometime in late December or January).
  • ·         Anyone that wishes to see the babies either in the hospital or during their first year of life at home will not be allowed into the house without having both a current flu shot and a current TDAP vaccine (whooping cough).  A TDAP vaccine is good for 10 years, so if you got one as a child, you will need a booster.  As crazy as this may sound, we are going to require verification (from a Doctor or Pharmacy or by some other means) that you have had these vaccines (and that they are current) prior to you coming in the house.  This is one requirement that the hospital says not to budge on.  Any small little virus that would be very easy for you or I to overcome could be deadly to the babies as their immune systems will not be fully formed even by the time they come home.  There will be a 2 week waiting period from after you receive the vaccines before you can see the babies.
  • ·         Everyone will be required to remove their shoes, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. prior to entering the house to visit the babies (these clothing items carry a lot of germs!).
  • ·         If anyone in your home has been sick in the 2 weeks prior, we will kindly ask that you choose another time to visit.
  • ·         Everyone will be required to wash their hands from the elbow down upon arrival and to do this after leaving your cell phone in your purse, car, or elsewhere away from the babies.  Frequent use of hand sanitizer will also be necessary.  If you must take a call or use your cell phone during your visit, the hand washing and sanitizing routine will have to be redone.
  • ·         If you come straight from work or stop at any stores prior to your visit, you will be asked to put on a robe or hospital gown over your clothes to help ward off germs.  Another option will be to bring a change of clothes with you and change prior to seeing the babies.
  • ·         If you are a smoker, we would ask that you bring a change of clothes that do not have any smell to them with you and change prior to seeing the babies.  Also, no smoking will be allowed around the house.
  • ·         People will not be able to just “drop in” anytime to see the babies or to visit with us.  We will need to stick to a strict schedule which will not allow for visits at any time.  Please ask someone prior to coming over or sign up for a time on the Care Calendar to visit (information below).  Along the same lines, if the babies are sleeping, visitors will either have to wait until they wake or come back at another time.  The babies will need a schedule as much as we will.

We have set up a Care Calendar which can be found at that will be used as a means of organizing help after the babies arrive.  This will help us stay on a schedule as well as communicate our needs with everyone that wants to help.  Because we do not know yet when the babies will arrive, there is not anything on the calendar yet to sign up for, but we will update it when the babies arrive and when they come home!

Helper Login
                Calendar ID: 189509
                Security Code: 7011

Again, we want to thank you all so much for your support and for so readily offering your help to us.  We wanted to get this information out to you all as soon as we could so that no one is disappointed when the babies are born.  These requirements as well as any others that we learn from the hospital will be added to our Care Calendar and will also be posted on the doors to the house when the babies come home.  Thank you all so much for your understanding as we are doing this to keep the Waugh-Nuts healthy and give them the best chance we can for their further development.  Keep updated with everything that is going on in the coming weeks at  We will try to keep the blog updated now and when the babies come as much as possible.

Hugs and Kisses to you all, and thank you for your support and understanding,

Chris & Kacie

Thank you all for reading through such a long post.  Hoping to have many more "boring" weeks in the hospital to keep these babies growing.  The next goal is 26 weeks (next Thursday), and out next growth ultrasound is next Wednesday.  Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts, and prayers.  We couldn't ask for better family and friends!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone!  I'm back =) Did you miss me?  Sorry for taking so long in between posts, but I needed some me time and some time with just our families with everything that has been going on.  It has definitely been a whirlwind. 

As of my last post, my cervix had shortened from 30mm to 16mm within the course of one doctor's visit (2 weeks).  Well, obviously that was not the best news to get!  I was at home on strict bed rest until my next doctor's appointment which was one week away.  Well, over labor day weekend, I was not feeling that great and decided to go to the hospital to get things checked out.  Needless to say, more bad news.  My cervix had shortened from 16mm to between 9-11mm from Wednesday to Sunday.  I was also having some contractions (I couldn't feel them, but they were showing up on the contraction monitor).  At this point, I was just beyond 22 weeks, so of course this was hard to hear.  The doctor's admitted me to the hospital.

I am now at OSU for the duration of the pregnancy.  The nurses and the doctors here are so incredibly amazing.  I usually see my regular OB and my high risk doctor at least once per week when they have duty at the hospital.  Otherwise, I see someone in each of their practices each day.  The first couple days were pretty scary for me.  They put me on some medicine called Indocin that relaxes the uterine muscles to stop the contractions.  I was on that for a couple days, and it seemed to do the trick.  They still monitor my contractions 3 times per day for one hour each time since, to date, I have yet to feel any contractions.  Pretty much the only thing showing up on the contraction monitor as of late is uterine irritability which all of the doctors say I am going to have for the remainder of the pregnancy just because my uterus us so huge with the four babies that it doesn't know what else to do but be irritated.  I was also able to get the coveted 2 days of steroid shots about a week ago.  This will help spur the babies growth and help their respiratory system to develop more quickly.  Can I just say that those shots are no joke!  OUCH!  I have round the clock care which helps to put my mind at ease.  I know I am in the right place and surrounded by the best experts around should I go into labor at any time.

Yesterday I had a growth ultrasound to see how the babies are growing.  They are growing awesome!  Baby A is 1 lb 9 oz.  Baby B (girl) is 1 lb 6 oz.  Baby C is 1 lb 8 oz.  Baby D is 1 lb. 7 oz.  The difference between the biggest and the smallest baby is only 12% which is great since there is usually one baby that is much smaller than the others.  Also, even Baby B (the smallest baby) is measuring in the 51st percentile as compared to singleton babies.  That means they are all bigger than average for this age compared to singleton pregnancies.  Yahoo!  That was definitely some good news.  We also got some cute pictures.  Baby B was showing off.  She had the hiccups, did a big yawn, and touched her toes to her head.  Baby C was being a little rascal and was hiding his face from the camera.  He was also punching Baby D in the face the whole time.  And so it begins.

Today marks 24 weeks for the little ones, and I am so happy to have made it this far.  When I came in over labor day weekend, I was extremely afraid that there was no way we would make it this far.  Thank you to all of you for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers.  They mean more to us than you know!  Also for everyone that has sent cards, flowers, notes, gifts, etc- thank you!  They always brighten my day.  Chris has stayed overnight at the hospital with me every night except for one.  It has been great, and he has been great in keeping me calm and distracted.  Everyone thinks that I am miserable here, but, really, I can assure you that I am not!  I was beyond stressed at home, and being here gives me a peace of mind.  I know that I am doing all that I can and everything that is within my power to give these Waugh-Nuts the best chance of survival as I can.  I know that I am close to all of the doctors, nurses, pediatricians, and machines necessary to help the babies no matter when they come.  That gives you a peace of mind.  I have plenty of things to keep me busy- Kindle, iPad with Netflix and games, my computer, and all of the doctors and nurses that I see each day.  As you can imagine, it is not very often that they have Quads in waiting at the hospital!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers that you are sending our way.  I know some of you would like to visit at the hospital, and I so appreciate you wanting to keep me company.  For right now, though, I am trying to focus all of my energy on keeping these little ones baking.  That means laying flat for the majority of the day and being 100% relaxed without many distractions (including not putting pictures in this post- sorry!!).  I will let you all know if I change my mind.  It is quite possible that if I last a few more weeks and I am still pregnant I may be going crazy without the visitors!

Keep those thoughts and prayers alive that my body will hold out as long as it is able and that the doctors and nurses will have the means necessary to give these babies the best outcome no matter when they decide to make their appearance.  You all are the best!  I will try to update more frequently now that I have had some time to digest everything, get used to the hospital, and make it to 24 weeks.  Feel free to post if you have any questions =)