Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

What a crazy 2 weeks we have had. Millie was first home. She just wanted a little Mommy time to herself! Owen was second home a couple days behind Millie. Would have never guessed he would have been the first boy home! The two smallest were the first two home.

Dylan started out the madness by having to have some tests done in the middle of the night one night after Millie and Owen were home because he was having some increased spells. Everything turned out great with him, but it was a long couple of days of worrying! We had 4 doctors appointments in one week and 3 trips to the hospital for Millie and Owen. Millie and Owen got a bit sick with a cold after they got home. Because they are preemies and their immune systems and lungs are not fully developed, a cold hits them pretty hard. That necessitated our ER trips. It ended up that both Millie and Owen were admitted to Children's hospital because of a cold. That is how dangerous it is for them to be sick. 

So! We actually had a night at home with no babies. It was so sad! The madness continued when I found out I have the flu. I am on Tamiflu now, but I have to stay away from the babies for 5 days or longer if I am still not feeling well. That means I can't spend Christmas with my little ones which is heartbreaking! I am quarantined at my grandparents house. Jackson and Dylan came home the day I found out I was sick, so I wasn't able to be there for their homecoming which was super sad. I wasn't able to have my final closure with the OSU NICU or able to say goodbye and thank you to some of the most precious people (the nurses) that I have ever met. I could never repay them for the love they showed my babies and for keeping me company during all the days I spent there. Forever grateful! We will be back to visit once cold and flu season is over!!

The Waugh area empty of all Waugh-Nuts! Both happy and sad. 

So, we had 2 home again. The next day Millie joined Jackson and Dylan back at home. Then 2 more doctor appointments followed. Owen is still at Children's NICU. Not sure when he will make it home yet. Wish I could just cuddle my little man, but I know I can't because I am sick. These babies are already giving this Momma grey hair! 

Our little family will do our Christmas celebrating once we are all together again! Hopefully by New Years. Until then, I will savor each picture and update I get. Chris even drives them by on the way to and from doctor appointments so I can look through the window! Gotta do what ya gotta do. So, because flu and cold season is so bad this year and our babies are so susceptible to getting sick, our house is going into quarantine. We won't be able to have any visitors until the season is over. No visit times have been added to the Care Calendar, only meals. We are so sad no one will be able to see the little ones when they are so little, but their health is most important and that is what we have to put first. We want to thank you all again for your support and love for our babies! We appreciate you all so much. And a special thank you to Chris, my parents, and Chris' parents for being so willing to give their time (and sleep) to help while I've been sick and for dealing with my need for copious updates :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! We made it through 2014 and are so blessed. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

FOUR One Month Olds!

Hello Friends!

We officially have four one-month olds on our hands!  Jackson, Owen, Dylan, and Millie are all doing wonderfully!  The Waugh-Nuts are currently still spending their time in the NICU, but what a long way we have come!  The babies are "feeders and growers" now in the NICU which just means they are working on learning how to take bottles and growing before they can come home with us.  We are so fortunate to have had such an "easy" NICU journey with the littles.

They really do love each other =)

Each of the babies has made such great progress during their time in the NICU.  Each has gained over a pound since they were born- they are growing like weeds!  They have each graduated to room air, got out of the incubator, got the feeding tube removed, passed the hearing test, got their first vaccine, passed the first head ultrasound, completed the N Trainer, taken 24+ hours of all bottle feeds, and so so much more.  They really are doing great with everything that is being thrown at them, and we are so proud =)



He really is a peanut =)


Big yawn =)

Beautiful baby boy eyes =)


Girl loves to stick her tongue out!

As you can imagine, we have been very busy.  We have officially moved, but we are still trying to organize the "mess" that moving always causes.  We have also been working on completing the nursery since I was too nervous to put much of it together before they were born.  We bought a van and had FOUR car seats installed (thank you firefighters at the Buckeye Parkway station!).  I spend all day every day at the NICU with the bambinos, and Chris comes every night after work.  We have made most of our last minute purchases of baby items we still needed to get.  We have started the process of searching for a nanny for when I go back to work next year.  There has been a lot going on, and it has been very chaotic around here!  I suppose I should get used to that.

My dad did a freaking AWESOME job making my stripes come to life!!

Isn't it glorious!

We had to put sticky notes on the drawers until we get used to where everything is.
Also, it was an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to sort the clothes.

Yes we have four beds! And four video monitors. And four Angelcare monitors.

We had all of our friends and family decorate letters for their room =)

Yes we have taken out all of the blankets and animals from their cribs for when they come home!

We are anxious to get the little ones home with us, but we do not want them to come before they are ready!  That means no "spells" for at least 5 days and also passing the car seat test.  Hopefully not too much longer, but we are patient.  They are still only 36 weeks gestational age, so they can take as much time as they need.  Mommy and Daddy can wait =)

Our little corner of the NICU

I even g tried to get our tree up!  I figured the babies will love to look at the lights when they come home.

I just have to say again how awesome our experience at OSU has been.  The doctors and especially the nurses have become like a little family to us since we spend so much time there.  You can really tell that they just love our babies (okay, all of the babies!) and their jobs, and we love them so much for that.  They have taken such great care of our little ones, and we will be forever grateful for the great care they have received in the NICU not to mention the great care I (and the babies) received in AP.  All of our prayers answered.

We are working on thank yous to all of you who have helped support our journey in some way, but we are bound to miss some.  Thank you to everyone who has sent a card, gift, meal, or love our way.  I could have never imagined the outpouring of love and support that we have received from all of our family and friends.  What a great community we live in!  So, if we happen to miss you on the thank you list, I am so sorry!  Please know that we are very grateful, and it is completely my fault that your name was left off the thank you list (it got a little hairy there for a bit!).

We will update as we can.  Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for us and the babies.  We appreciate you all more than you know!