Saturday, December 17, 2016

2 years 1 Month- Time to Celebrate the Holidays

Running majorly behind this month, but this family has been busy getting ready for the holidays!! We have spent much of the month celebrating Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas. Our family started what is going to be our family Christmas tradition for the first time this year. The kids love it! We are doing "Countdown to Christmas" which is a different activity for the kids to do each day leading up to Christmas. We also decorated the Christmas tree together, and I took Aleah to see Cinderella the musical which was her birthday gift from us. It has been a VERY busy month!

We also had a lot of changes in the past month! We FINALLY got rid of bottles. Binkis (at least during the day) are next. We took the kids to their 2 year developmental follow-up appointment at the NICU Follow-Up Clinic at Children's Hospital. The kids all did great! Even though the appointments take forever, it is so interesting to watch their little minds work with all the little tests they give them. All of the kids are developing right on track, and they are officially "caught up" to kids their chronological age, even though they were born 2 months early. They won't need to be seen again until they are 3. We also are going to have a new nanny starting the first of the year. Luckily, Barb is still going to come hang with the kids once/week so we will still get to see her! My mom will still be with the kids, too. We are so lucky that she helps us so much. 

Their grandpa got them these cute outfits when he went to India this year!

Waiting for Aleah's school bus!

I love this picture of Dylan <3

This month, Jack took a special trip to the mall with daddy to get a few things and return a few things. Jackson absolutely LOVES when he gets some solo time. He would make for a great only child. Jackson is quite the comedian these days. At the developmental appointment, he kept doing the exact opposite of what they wanted him to do as a joke. He just cackles and cackles. He is talking lots, and starting to use short sentences. Jackson wants a puppy for Christmas and also another stuffed foxy since Millie confiscated the one Uncle Andrew gave them.

Owen is starting to talk is short sentences as well. And he will freely tell you whether he wants to do what you want him to do or not. As you can imagine, his answer is usually No. Owen's death stares are getting more and more frequent. For such a little guy, his face is full of so much expression! Everyone that meets him comments on it. He gives such adult looks which is just funny coming from such a tiny little body. Owie loves his Alyson. He is always so excited to see her! Owen also wants a puppy for Christmas. He was the most friendly with Santa, so maybe he will get what he wants! He never mentioned the puppy being real..... =)

Oh my little pickle. Dylan has had a rough month! I think he might be getting his molars. He has been throwing more fits than normal. He throws major fits and throws himself backwards. We talked to the doctor at their developmental appointment, and luckily it is completely normal! He does it when he is frustrated, and they said he will probably stop once he starts to use his words to express his frustrations. Dylan talks a lot, but it is definitely not the first thing he does when he is frustrated! Picky has been a very snugly boy this month, though, which I love. Dylan wants a puppy for Christmas as well. 

Little Millie is the last to really start talking, but she has come full circle in the last month. She talks so much now! It is amazing how quick it changes. Millie is such a little crazy girl. She does the funniest things and has the most evil laugh when she does something funny. Mills is such a girly girl with her babies, stuffed animals, clothes, hair, you name it. I am so glad she is so girly  =) Millie wants a puppy AND a kitty for Christmas. Although she calls the kitty a meow meow which is about the cutest thing ever.

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