Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Start of a New Year of Crazy!

It has been awhile! Ever since Christmas, our lives have been nothing but pure craziness! Of course all things Christmas-related always keep that time of the year busy. Then, right after Christmas, the kids were all VERY sick. It was probably the most sick they have ever been, and it lasted forever. I am talking all four kids laying on the couch, sleeping all day, not eating at all, and 6-7 days of high fevers. It was HORRIBLE! Right in the middle of all of that, we had a big group of friends over for New Years Eve and the (horrendous) Buckeyes game. Next up was my law partner's retirement, which means time for this Momma to have her very own law firm (and all of the responsibilities that come along with that). We also had a new nanny start the first week of January, and we got rid of binkis (except for in their beds at sleep time). Yes, this is our typical crazy. Needless to say, I didn't have much time to update the blog. 
We got rid of the quad table! Big kids.

Doctor Aleah

The kids can POUND some Jersey Mike's Subs!

The kids were absolutely WONDERFUL for Christmas this year. We had so much fun with them, and they loved it so much. They loved the whole unwrapping process, and, like any kid, wanted to open each toy as soon as they unwrapped it. We went to Wellston, had everyone to our house for Christmas Eve, and then to my parents for Christmas. It was so nice to be able to spend some extra time with the kids, and we had so much fun watching the season through their eyes.

All of our Christmas cards from our fellow quadruplet families! So special.

The kiddos got invited to a little Christmas party with some of their friends! So fun. They did arts and crafts and had tons of fun =)

We are always trying to go on some new adventures with the kiddos. They love to do new things. Since last time, we went for a long weekend to Grandma and Grandpas, went on a couple trips to Target, went to a trampoline park, went to COSI for the first time, went to visit daddy at work and then went out to lunch, went to the play place at the Naz, went to the library for storytime, and went to visit Uncle Nick who moved to Cincinnati with a pit stop at IKEA. Wow, so busy! It is so nice being able to get out a little more this winter than the past winters, but we also are paying for it with the sickness that keeps going around this house.

These poor sick babies! It has been a rough couple months of sickness. Picky seems to get it the worst, and he always seems to get everything first. We have had colds, stomach bug, fevers, rashes, everything!! Cannot wait for spring.

We have had some on and off good weather, so we were able to play outside some. Life is so much better when we can get outside for a little bit each day. We have only had enough snow to play with once, but the kiddos loved it!





Once again, our family is gearing up for the March for Babies walk this spring. This year is a little different, though. The Columbus chapter of the March for Babies has asked our family to be the Family Ambassador for the event! This means that they will use our family's story and journey on all of their materials promoting the event, and we will be asked to speak before the walk kicks off. What a great opportunity this is for our family to raise awareness about premature birth and share our story with the community! 

We want to lead by example, so we are hoping that you will considering joining our team for the walk this year. At the link below, you can sign up to walk in the walk with Team Waugh-Nut Quads. The walk is always so much fun. This year, the walk will be on April 30, in the morning as usual. We always order team t-shirts, so if you are planning on coming, please let me know what size shirt you would like. Shirts are typically about $20.00 with about $5.00 of the proceeds going back to benefit the cause. I will collect the t-shirt money when the shirts come in.

If you aren't able to join our team for the walk, I hope you will consider donating to our team! You can donate at the same link below. Help us fight back against prematurity and give every baby a fighting chance. Our babies benefited immensely from all of the research the March of Dimes has funded to help babies fight against prematurity. Together, we can help the March of Dimes fight prematurity so more babies can get the strongest start possible.

We are so incredibly fortunate and grateful for the good health of all of our babies. Please help us celebrate our babies by joining our team or donating to help us reach our goal!

-Click either "Join this Team" to sign up for our team or "Donate" to donate to our team

We appreciate you all so much!

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