Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby Pictures Galore =) 17 weeks 4 days

What a day!  Yesterday, we had our big "anatomy scan" day at the high risk doctor.  This was the ultrasound where they literally measured every single little thing of each baby.  Things like the stomach, heads, each bone of the arms and legs, found all of the organs, eye sockets, feet, hands, different parts of the brain, different parts of the heart, spine, etc.  It was CRAZY to see how much they had grown and how much detail they could get for all of these body parts.  Very exciting to see!  It was also exciting because we were able to get a couple more "family" shots which I did not think we were going to be able to do again because they were getting so big.  Our ultrasound tech was really awesome, and she let me have all the breaks I needed (which was a lot!).  After the first "session" (most of Baby A's measurements), I started to get light headed and almost passed out.  That was a treat!  It came on so quick... all of a sudden I was spinning and dripping sweat and going in and out.  They quickly turned me onto my side and within a matter of probably 3 minutes I was fine again.  When I am laying back on the ultrasound table like that, the weight of my belly cuts off a major source of blood supply to my body.  Always keeping things interesting!  

Throughout all of the picture taking, if we were focused on one baby, the others were trying to get in on the action.  It was hilarious!  They also went through an entire BOTTLE of ultrasound gel for me during this visit.  Living the dream.  Are you all ready for tons of baby pictures?  I have over 50 pictures, but here is a sampling of my favorites along with some information about each bambino.

Family Pictures

All 3 of the boys heads all lined up in a row- too funny!

Family Picture! (the next family picture is my favorite)

Family Picture!  A's butt and legs (definitely a boy!), B's head, C's belly area, and D's head!

We got some 3D imagines!  This one shows Baby A and Baby C right next to each other with the wall in between them.  The ultrasound tech said "don't worry!  They are not nearly as close as they look, and they have plenty of room in there to move around.  They are just staying close to each other by choice!"

Baby A

-Definitely a BOY!
-Weighs 8 ounces (he is the biggest of all of the babies- has been since the beginning!)
-Has great fluid, and the most room!
-Every other measurement was perfect and right on track.
-He is measuring 18 weeks 1 day  (compared to singleton pregnancies)
-His heart rate was 152 bpm

Profile view

Definitely a BOY!

Baby A's tiny feet!  They are actually only about 1 inch.

Skeletor (face)

Baby A's 3D Image.  You can see the face, body, and arm going down to his side =)


-Definitely a GIRL (thank heavens with all those boys!)
-Weighs 7 ounces (she is the smallest of the bunch, which is normal)
-She has plenty of fluid to move around (she is moving to my left side).  The ultrasound tech said she was taking full advantage of all of her space by flipping around and upside down multiple times while we were trying to get her measurements =)
-Heart Rate was 150 bpm
-She is measuring 17 weeks 4 days (the exact length of my pregnancy)

Profile (she looks more dainty than the boys!)

Baby B's foot

Skeletor (face) with a hand waving to us and you all!

Baby B's 3D image- you can see the side of her head (her ear) with her hand curled up by her face.

They did a 4D of Baby B, so we could see her moving around in 3D which was awesome!


-Heart Rate was 143 bpm
-Baby D kept kicking Baby C when we were trying to get the measurements (so the fighting starts already)
-Baby C kept moving his mouth like he was chomping on something- it was adorable.
-Definitely a BOY!
-Weighs 8 ounces
-Has plenty of space to move around even though he is in the middle (plenty of fluids)
-He is measuring 17 weeks 6 days

Definitely a BOY!  Chris likes to point out the size for all of the boys lol

Baby C's feet


Baby C's 3D image- you can see the face and body with a little arm action.


-Weighs 8 ounces
-The only baby that had his legs all stretched out to full length during the ultrasound
-Definitely a BOY!
-Heart rate was 145 bpm
-Baby D was still mostly up and down on my right side (that is what that huge bulge is!)
-He is measuring 17 weeks 6 days

Definitely a boy!!


Profile Picture (you can see the legs in there, too!)

Skeletor with a little wave

Baby D's 3D Image- his little head, body, and arm up by his ear.

Another 3D Image for Baby D with his hand in front of his face.

After we got all of the baby's measurements, they did the cervix check/measurement for me.  It is coming in at 36mm which is GREAT!  They also checked the cysts on my ovaries which all seem to be getting smaller (finally) and progressing normally.  My doctor said she is very proud of me and very proud of my progress.  The difference in the size of the biggest baby (Baby A) and the smallest baby (Baby B) is only about 12%, which is really no big deal, especially when they are still so small and because the girls are typically smaller than the boys anyways.  She said things could not be going any better at this point.  She also said that my growth (as in my MASSIVE baby bump and my weight gain) is going really well.  She wants to keep me out of the hospital for as long as possible, so if I am still looking this great around 23 weeks, I will continue to stay home until it looks like I would be better off in the hospital.  It was seriously a great appointment and a great day overall.  Things could not be going any better, so I am going to just keep doing what I have been doing!  Thank you all for keeping up with our journey and for sending so many good thoughts and prayers for us and the Waugh-Nuts our way.  We could not do any of this without such great support from our awesome families and our friends!  Until next time, I am off to continue my ride from yesterday on Cloud 9!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Alumni Weekend

Hi All!  It has been another busy week for the Waugh-Nut gang.  Trying to fit in as much as possible before I am stuck in the hospital.  I have been playing with Aleah lots and trying to visit as many people as I can.  My momma got me a Kindle one day when I was feeling feeling depressed about being at home all the time.  I have already finished two books.  Thanks mom!  I went to look at paint with Alyson one day for her new house which was fun!  I pretty much had a meltdown in the middle of Home Depot though because I did not feel well.  I think my time of "feeling okay" is slowly fading away.  Sometimes it is okay and sometimes my body is just killing me!  My belly is starting to get VERY heavy, and my feet are killing me 24/7 for the most part.

17 Weeks!

Diva =)

Wednesday I went to the Crew game with my dad, my brother Nick, and my brother's friend Joey.  It was perfect because we had tickets to sit in a Suite that came with food and drink PLUS air conditioning!  Major score for this girl.  I had never been, and it was definitely fun!  I was pretty much exhausted by the end of it though.

On Friday I went to the new B Spot restaurant in Gahanna for my grandma's birthday.  Talk about YUMMO!  Chris was very jealous of that escapade.  

This is good pregnancy food, right?

Saturday started Alumni weekend in our hometown which consists of a lot of softball games for the most part.  My dad and my brother play, so I went to one of each of their games on Saturday.  Sunday, I was al the park pretty much all day for Nick's games.  My dad's team lost both games pretty quick (old timers), but my brother's team did well and ended up getting 4th place overall for the B division!  Nick hit two in the park homers =) and pretty much played awesome all weekend.  He is feeling it today (so am I- holy sore feet, hands, belly, EVERYTHING!).  We also headed to a reunion of sorts with my Grandma's Wilcox side of the family at my grandparents house last night which was fun!

Today we had our big, long, doctor appointment with the high risk doctor.  There is lots to share, so I will save that post for tomorrow.  Have a good day everyone =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Latest from the Waugh Nuts

Hello everyone!  It has been a very busy week for us even though there is not much to report.  Chris and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary by going out to dinner twice.  We figured we might as well since we probably won't be able to do that very often very soon!  I forgot to snap a picture at dinner, but we had fun.  We tried to come up with some more names, but it is harder than you would think to come up with 8 (including first and middle) names!  We are still racking our brains.

I spent lots of time with my little princess Aleah.  I love playing with her (she has such an imagination!) and going on little dates with her while I still can.  She is just so joyful!  We went to get ice cream one day, out to lunch another, and I took her to her swimming lessons.  She is so excited about the babies.  When I told her it was three boys and one girl, I asked her what she thought about that.  She said, "well it is not good!!"  Crack me up.  I asked her why not, and she said she wants there to be lots of girls in there!  Now she has taken to giving my belly 4 kisses, but she always gives the girl an extra one =)

I also made it to the 16 week mark, which is exciting!  I had a doctor appointment yesterday with my regular OB, and everything is going well.  We found the heart beat for all four of the little ones.  They are not really able to measure them at that doctor's office anymore because their ultrasound machines are not as strong as the high risk doctor's machines, but we still got some pictures!  We also confirmed that Baby C and Baby D are definitely boys!  She said I see a little weenie- crack me up.  We were all giggly after that with all the jokes Chris was making.  My belly is measuring at 29 weeks!!!! (I am actually 16 weeks.)
16 Weeks!
It is hard to see, but you could see Baby A's hand perfectly!

Hello all from Baby A!

Baby B- our little girl!

Baby C is VERY hard to see.

Baby D is lounging up and down in my belly.

My mom snapped one of her famous unexpected pictures!

Last week I also got the chance to speak to my Rotary Club about my quadruplet pregnancy and talk to them some about what I know and what I can expect in the coming months.  That was fun!  My best friend Alyson also purchased her first home, and, bonus, it is in the same town as us!  We are very excited for her, and we can't wait for the housewarming party.  Other than that, just the normal daily grind.  The last few weeks have been pretty good for me, so I am trying to get out and do as much as I can while I still can.

Thanks for reading!  We have our big ultrasound appointment next Monday where they are going to measure every single little detail about each baby.  The appointment is at 11:00, and they said I can expect for it to take the rest of the day.  Wish me luck!  I have heard that I may be sore after this one with so much poking around.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gender Reveal!!

Baby A's hand- waving "Hi!" to us and all of you =)

Hello everyone!  Well, the babies all cooperated, so we were able to find out the genders!  It was so fun.  Chris, my mom, my brother-in-law Andrew, and my grandma all came to the appointment which actually took less time than expected because everyone was so well-behaved.  They measured my cervix which was actually longer than the first time (good news!).  Pretty much, in a nutshell, everyone is a star student!  They are all measuring at about 16 weeks 4 days, and I am only 15 weeks 6 days, so that is great!  Everything could not be going more perfectly.  I am feeling great for the time being, and the babies are growing at higher than normal rates (even for Singletons), so I am on cloud nine!  Okay, okay here is the information you are waiting for and some stats!

-Has a normal 3 vessel umbilical cord
-Heart has 4 chambers
-Weighs 6 ounces (they do not measure them by length anymore, just by weight)
-Heartbeat is 154 bpm
-Has 2 Kidneys and a bladder
-Pocket of fluid looks great!

Getting so big =)

Baby A- It's a BOY!!!

-Has a normal 3 vessel umbilical cord
-Heart has 4 chambers
-Weighs 5 ounces
-Heartbeat is 162 bpm
-Has 2 Kidneys and a bladder
-Pocket of fluid looks great!

Another Skeletor picture!

Baby B- It's a GIRL!!!

-Has a normal 3 vessel umbilical cord
-Could not see the heart very well based on the position of the baby, but it looked like it had 4 chambers
-Weighs 5 ounces
-Heartbeat is 155 bpm
-Has 2 Kidneys and a bladder
-Pocket of fluid looks great!

Baby C is facing down, but has room to flip around

Baby C- It's a BOY!!!

-Has a normal 3 vessel umbilical cord
-Heart has 4 chambers
-Weighs 6 ounces
-Heartbeat is 132 bpm
-Has 2 kidneys and a bladder
-Pocket of fluid looks great!

Baby D- It's a BOY!!!

So, there you have it!  We are so excited.  Although, we had only thought of 2 girl names and 2 boy names, so we will have to go back to the drawing board with that!  Looks like Penny, Lena, Connie, Sam, Mindy, and Karla got the predictions right this morning =)  Have a great day everyone, we sure are!